‘I adopted children to teach my husband a lesson’

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THE going was good when Dominic and I met in Niger some years back. We had so much in common that we thought our love was made in heaven. We met when Dominic was doing his youth service with a very profitable company in Minna and I was a final year student at the State University.

Dominic was a fun loving person and liked to take me out regularly. We attended many parties together and danced together all through the night on several occasions. We were not ashamed, nor were we afraid to kiss in public.

Dominic set my body and soul on fire. Whenever I heard the sound of his voice, I would be turned on and even my nipples would get erect.

Furthermore, at night whenever I lay down in bed, the mere remembrance of his touch roused me and made hunger for his embrace. We were in love and love made us do crazy.

We made love whenever and wherever possible and that sense of sexual adventure seemed to boost our level of intimacy. Indeed the taste of love was sweet at the time.

I didn’t have to fight or quarrel with Dominic throughout the time we dated. We were just too much in love to quarrel or fight each other.

Dominic didn’t really need to propose to me. We naturally found ourselves planning marriage and eventually, our marriage ceremony turned out to be a great celebration and ceremony.

As the years went by however, my husband and I grew richer and he began to acquire more and more possessions.
But sadly, as we became more and more wealthy, my husband began to womanize. He started keeping mistresses and before I knew what was happening, I started hearing rumours of children born for my husband by his teeming number of mistresses.

I hired a private investigator to look for evidence and he confirmed the rumours with considerable evidence.

I was devastated when I was shown proof of my husband’s other women and other children. It was revealed that my husband had three children from other women.

But what could I do about it?

I felt that there was nothing I could do about it because men would always be men. However, I thought that my husband had carried his passion for philandering too far.

I comforted myself with the thought that since I was his lawful wedded wife, my children were going to inherit everything my husband possessed and that my husband had already clearly stated it in his will that my two children would be the only heirs or inheritors of his estate.

But my husband seemed to have other plans. To my greatest shock, Dominic called a family meeting one Saturday morning. At the meeting, he explained that he actually had other children who were unknown to me as his wife.

He asked me to forgive him for that. Next came the bombshell. My husband said that he has instructed his lawyer to divide his property upon his death and share it equally among all his children, both legitimate and illegitimate.

This plan meant that since my husband had three children from other women, the three illegitimate children would receive the greater part of my husband’s assets upon his death than my two children.
What have I been labouring for all along in marriage?

I wept profusely after my husband told me that his decision is final. How could I sit and watch my husband’s children from other women take away my children’s inheritance?

How could I fold my arms and watch the illegitimate children of my husband’s mistresses get the lion’s share of what ought to be my own children’s inheritance?

I decided to catch my husband in his own game of mathematics. So I went to an orphanage and adopted two sets of twins, that is, four children. This meant that in addition to my two biological children for my husband, I now had a total of six children.

I then informed my husband that I now had six children who bear his name, and therefore, he had to make adequate provision for ‘our latest children’ too in his will.

He initially objected to my adoption of four children but I clearly told him that as far as I was concerned, we have six children together, so the earlier he accepted those adopted children as his own, the better.

I warned him that if he didn’t provide for all ‘our’ six children in his will, I would file for divorce, which meant that since we wedded in court, he would lose much of his possessions to me. I also threatened to contest his so-called will in court if he didn’t grant my request.

In the end, my husband gave in to me and adjusted his will appropriately by raising the number of my children in the document from two to six. This means that according to my husband’s mathematics, I and my children would now get the largest share of my husband’s assets when he is gone.
The ratio is now six to three instead of two to three!

I hear that Dominic and his mistresses can’t stop complaining about me and what I did, but that is their business. I’ve thought them a lesson well deserved.
I’m happy that I did my calculation well, otherwise me and my children would have been schemed out!

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