Anambra governorship debate continued

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UPP approximates my dream of a negotiated Nigeria, where every component part freely subscribes to the concept of a united Nigeria–Chidoka.

Godfather is a matter of semantics. By definition I am a godfather because i mentor people. You cannot be in the business of politics without having to work with a set of who act as mentors. My first godfather, if that is the right term is not Peter Obi, but former vice President, Alex Ekwueme whom i consulted for advice when I wanted to come for thsi contest–Obaze of PDP.

I grew Anambra economy from from N2tr GDP economy to N3tr. So, I grew Anmabra by a N1trn in three years. Today, Anambra is the 27th largest economy in Africa, with a per capita income of $2,000–Obiano of APGA.

I had not hand in Ngige’s Abduction saga. The white paper did not mention me. I am known to have fought against cultism as a student union leader and for this reason, UNN gave me one of its highest awards for meritorious leadership–Tony Nwoye

I have qualified managers who mange my businesses, so there will no conflict of interest if I am elected governor–Ezeemo of PPA.

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