Anambra guber: Ikedife congratulates Ojukwu jr for joining APC

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* Says the late Ojukwu’s spirit will give APC victory


The All Progressives Alliance (APC) running mate to Dr Tony Nwoye in the governorship election coming up this Saturday, Dozie Ikedife jr has welcomed Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu jr who has defected from the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to the APC, describing his move as the right decision.

He said that he also expected the Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr Ifeanyi Unah who he described as an APC man in spirit but APGA in flesh to follow suit without further delay and would be highly welcomed to the APC family.

Ikedife jr who spoke to newsmen in Nnewi, noted that with the defection of Ojukwu jr to the APC, the spirit of his father, the Ikemba of Nnewi had left the APGA to join the APC for the interest of the Igbo and national unity.

He expressed confidence that the spirit of Ojukwu would give the APC victory in the Saturday election.

A source said all the APGA flags standing at the late Ikemba’s grave side at his country home in Nnewi have been removed to be replaced with the APC flags.

He maintained that what would give the APC landslide victory in the Saturday election remained non-performance of the sitting governor, which he said had made the people of Anambra crave for change that the APC offered.

According to him: “I expect Anambra people to come out en-mass to vote for change, for hope in a new direction. Let them come out and vote for a government that will take care of them, a government that will wipe out their tears, a government that will ensure that their children are not chased away from school because of school fees, a government that will empower the youths in the real sense of it, a government that will reduce heavy taxation on the people and a government that will guarantee the future of our children,” he said.

He explained that the APC would run an open door policy and would conduct local government election as soon as it takes over from Governor Willie Obiano.

He assured that the APC government in Anambra would embark on massive infrastructural development in the State to make Anambra people feel the impact of real democracy dividends.

“What gives us the impetus to come out for the election in the first place is the overall poor performance of Governor Willie Obiano who has neglected the youths with his favouritism and sectionalism style of government. And he tells the people a lot of lies that Anambra is now exporting vegetables and yams where we do not have enough to consume in the State. We are fed up with his government of deceit. And he must go,” Ikedife concluded.

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