When bankers cross the line

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I ADMIRE bankers, not that I would like to be one. I am not your ideal all day at work type. I have never contemplated it since I can’t deal with it. You see why I think bankers are super beings. But what impresses me more than anything is observing how bankers are able to glamorise the profession making it seem like a gold mine. The packaging is usually intimidating but it’s not really as it seems.

Over time, we have seen that the show off luxury and affluence is only a facade, in reality bankers are not as well off as we think. Even as you read this, many would doubt it and continue with their envy of bankers.

There’s something particularly interesting about male bankers. I fear that I run the risk of being misunderstood. It’s not that I’m easily taken in by the whole show of excessive poshness that we see on daily basis in the banking halls. However, it’s really not easy to completely ignore those dudes especially when you are a regular at a particular bank branch. They are in your face.

Lady customers of commercial banks will understand what I mean. Just recently, a male banker called me out of the blues asking for a date, and it felt very awkward. To begin with, I couldn’t recall giving him my contact and we weren’t even that cordial to warrant the affront. I can rant all I want about his lack of professionalism but it’s a pointer to the fact that we run a largely unregulated system where people do whatever they please with official information at their disposal. I suspect that the same information could be used for other purposes.

Suppose another ‘admirer’ had wanted the number from him, would he have given him? I am only wondering about the possibilities that exist in the management of personal information that are demanded in official transactions.

I’m not in anyway saying that its wrong up hook up with a banker if you don’t mind, It just feels wrong to unexpectedly get a call from someone who practically stole your contact just because he could. To be candid, if he had politely asked for my contact, I doubt that I wouldn’t have obliged him, and that would have at least prepared me for his call.

Someone suggested that I could make a complaint at the bank so they call him to order and discourage others who are also playing the same game. While that seems like the proper thing to do, I want to let this one pass hoping that it doesn’t happen again. Maybe it’s just me but generally I feel strange when people call my phone out of the blues because times are bad and the people even worse.

More so, I think that checking the trend lies primarily on talking about it mainly for the benefit of young ladies who may not immediately notice the abnormality. While I admire bankers, I consider it rather shameful that some would use bank data to further their act of ‘womanising’.

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