You Call Him Caterpillar, He’s Kelechi Emetole

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Farewell Caterpillar, Kelechi Emetole

Caterpillar of the Green Eagles defence (1976-1978)
Coach for country (Eagles, Eaglets, Sand Eagles)
Coach for clubs (Spartans, Heartland, Enugu Rangers, El Kanemi)
Kindred spirit to all he met
Friend to many, foe to few
Inspirer of players and all
Motivator to those who cared
A Nigerian who fear no parts
Husband, father

He passed on 17 June 2017, aged 66

The family has announced that the funeral rite as follows:

Wednesday 16 August
Service of Songs at his residence
13 Val Oyima Street, off Onitsha Expressway (opposite NNPC Mega Station), Owerri. Time: 5pm

Friday 18 August
Funeral service at his compound
Amiyi Obilohia, Isiukwuato LGA, Abia State. Time: 10am

How do I describe going back to the same house where we met 1 April 2017, as you prepared for the trip to India? How would I have known that the byes were final? What would I have done if I knew?

I was at the house on 6 August (a remarkably sad day, Ozubulu, had happened hours earlier) and the emptiness was overwhelming.

My consolation is that I knew you fairly well, and can testify that you served you served humanity, way beyond what most of us would have done.

I enjoin all of us who this great man touched in one way or the other to join the family in wishing him farewell. Let the labour of our heroes (past) not be in vain.

Farewell. My brother. My friend. My compatriot.

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