‘Christians, their attitude to work’

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MONDAYS are beautiful days, and they arrive after Sunday when Christians from all walks of life get to attend a church gathering of other Christians (not forgetting those who gather on other days of week).
There are sets of Christians who have not come to the full realisation of the role of their faith, they are ignorantly unaware that being a Christian does not exonerate them from working and earning a living for themselves and for their assignment on earth.

These Christians have so soaked themselves into the BS mindset that because they are Christians thus they should not and must never work to earn a living, so they resort to being hundred percent dependent on people, in their churches, on their families and on their friends (I am not disputing the fact that there are people such help out in dire situations. My grouse is with those who are totally dependent on those in the working class, while they choose not to work.

They are a perfect definition of laziness. It is sad they do not know this because of one wrong move, which has kept many bound till date- indoctrination.

Indoctrination is the shallowest form of Christianity.

They were indoctrinated into a certain falsehood of life fully catered for once you become “born again”. That is, they have been sold a falsehood that once they come into the faith, they receive automatic exoneration from work, so their needs have to be sorted out by other persons, who supposedly have no needs, or whose needs re being sorted out by other non-humans.

Some of these Christians are to be blamed, while I’d not blame the other group, the ignorant ones, those who do not know.

The group I am referring to are those who have been told, taught and shown examples and ways to do it, BUT THEY HAVE BLATANTLY DECIDED AGAINST WORKING citing the scriptures “my God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

They existed even in the times of Apostle Paul and in one of his letters; he said “… they should not eat”.

They have decided that prayer is the master and only key to having food on their table, clothes on their body and a roof over their head. Then they end up becoming leeches latching onto the goodwill of other persons and soon the entitlement syndrome hits them.

For these persons the entitlement mentality is very evident and it is very sickening.

Are you a Christian, do you work with your hands or with your minds? You are on track? Are you a Christian who believes that the salvation of your soul means laziness of your hands and mind? You are off track.

Christianity is not a yardstick for laziness. It is not in any way required of you to be idle. And should you be unaware, as a Christian, the mandate of work is heavy on you and should not be taken lightly. You may be wondering why.

Here is why?

When Jesus was to ascend into heaven, he gave Christians all over the world the great commission. What was the great commission? Go into the world and share the gospel of the Kingdom of GOD.

To do this world tour and travel, sharing the gospel, you need resources. This earth, though created by God has its own principles, ways and modes of operation and in our sojourn on this earth while on the journey, we HAVE to live according to these principles, and of them is the money system.

We need money to do a whole lot of things and sharing the gospel is one of those things. The world we live in has its economy and we as residents of this world are supposed to be contributing to the growth of this world and we are not doing so, then we have a lot of unlearning to do.

If we as Christ’s own are not boosting the economy of the world we live in and operate on, who are we leaving the assignment to?

Dear such Christians, laziness is not a good thing and should be discouraged. I believe this sermon should be preached every day and in churches too.

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