Consultant launches mental health awareness with a movie

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Pinnacle Medicals Speak out initiative in conjunction with Derwin productions have come out with the long awaited and most anticipated film of 2017, “Little Drops Of Happy”.

The Pinnacle medicals ‘speakout’ initiative is a project of Dr MaymunnahYussuf Kadiri a consultant neuro psychiatrist and a mental health advocate who runs Pinnacle medical services Limited which is geared toward managing patients with psychological behavioural and mental related challenges. The movie little drops of happy according to Kadiri is one of their advocacy films in creating the much needed awareness in mental health and mental illnesses.

Kadiri says she wants to change the narrative to let people know that mental illnesses are real just like hypertension and diabetes.

“And we need to show people empathy and give them support like we give people that have cancer, so, little drops of happy was borne out of the fact that we are seeing more cases of depression in Nigeria and suicide too, it covers mainly issues of depression, postpartum depression, that is common among women, It sends a strong message but in an entertaining way”.

The movie which premier recently during the weekend at Silverbird galleria Victoria Island is pack full of drama to hold viewers glued to their TV sets as it is very educative and entertaining and featuring actors like AyoolaAyoola, Osa,NgoziNwosu, Seun , IjeomaOnyeato of Channels, Lisa Omorodion.

Speaking further on the movie Kadiri explained that “depression is a medical condition, not a spiritual attack and the people should stop being in denial because it will not help in good treatment outcome, so, letting them know that depression is real but the good news is that depression is treatable.

“The word manage is what we are trying to drive now If you are at risk if you are vulnerable instead of getting to the state of managing it because if you understand the preventive measures what you need to put in place you won’t get to management.

“ Apart from healthy diet regular exercises sleeping adequately people need to get healthy support system around them because a healthy support system will help you seek for that much needed help if you cannot seek for help. And of course if you have depression and the doctor says that you need medication please take that medication will help you live a functional and productive life

“So management of depression are basically, counseling therapy, medication or the combination of all ‘sometimes people that have depression medicate themselves by taking substance to alleviate those systems they may be having so when they take the substances which can be alcohol drugs marijuana or anywhere, even prescription drugs, the truth is that that help is a temporary one.

“The movie which is already in the cinemas nationwide is for people to understand that when you have these depressive symptoms do not go taking different concoctions thinking that it will help you it is another roadmap to addiction and substance addiction is more difficult to manage or treat that depression So, go to the right place, the right people, the time is now. Get evaluation, get assessed, what type of depression are you having Is it mild? Is moderate, is it severe

In this movie, Mano Ojo has to deal with the infidelity of her husband and domestic violence. This leads to a series of challenges she has to confront and overcome. The challenges become too overwhelming to the extent that she loses her poise. She is misunderstood and termed mentally deranged Nevertheless, Mano in the midst of her chaotic experience of dealing with depression and post-partum depression, has to save not just herself , but her estranged husband as well, from his promiscuous stance.

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