Could it be true love?

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MEN are wonderful, in their own special ways they spice up our world making every day an adventure. A million ladies wake up each day wondering what their men would be up to. Would he pick a fight at home or get emotionally involved with another woman outside. Granted, we put up a strong face and say we don’t worry about those, isn’t that what we should say after all? But truly, only a few women don’t care whatever he does. We say we don’t but it would surprise even ourselves to know how much we really do care.

But there’s a special class of men though, ones you don’t need to worry about. These men don’t cheat; they prioritise faithfulness and commitment. Yes, they exist but as expected, a rare find. It is somewhat curious then that most ladies can’t stand them. They are every woman’s dream but only to a point. Not to say they are fickle minded or any less manly, but their understanding of love so made in Nollywood makes them love too hard that it hurts. These nice guys can drive one crazy because they tend to be clingy and hyper demanding but they are not too blamed, they have good reason. A man has a lot of space in his heart for love and when he let’s a woman take up the whole area, he builds his world around her resulting in unreserved commitment and utmost faithfulness.

The issue though is that such men find that women who appreciate having some private space in relationship ain’t able to cope with their demands. Most ladies would rather not be with any guy this ideal and super faithful not because they don’t appreciate the virtues but the attendant extreme attachment might just be too much to live with. Many nice guys have suffered heart break as a result since the ladies seem to prefer guys with the action, those who may be less demanding but only because they have shared their love on quota basis to as many ladies as possible. Ladies should know this, if he seems a bit detached and not so committed, then his love isn’t all yours after all.

The men are beginning to defend their act insisting that though they may keep many concubines, they still love the main woman much more. They even throw stones our way saying that a woman can’t cheat and love her main man at the same time because females are emotional. They say a man can have sex with other women without attaching feelings but a woman can’t do same, her emotions almost always gets involved. And that’s how they have managed to justify cheating on the part of men.

In other words, they say it’s risky for a woman to cheat but not a big deal when a man does the same. Also, it is thought that a married woman who’s cheating is as dangerous as a rattle snake since she can do anything including murdering her man just to be with the lover. The true picture is that a man who cheats is twice deadly, if he doesn’t murder his woman himself, the other woman may do so and then he would still not have the decency to pretend. It is usual for men to quickly marry the other woman in the event of their wives’ deaths and it is considered normal. But we know too well that a woman wouldn’t dare do such.

When it comes to cheating, gender doesn’t make a difference. One who cheats has no self-love because the act itself is self-destructive. Also, one who cheats can’t claim to truly be in love with another. In fact, if you can comfortably cheat on anyone then you don’t love him or her. The mark of true love remains total commitment.

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