To fake aunts, uncles our parents dated

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Growing up, did you know your dad’s or mum’s date? It is usually that lady or man who we innocently call aunty or uncle. But then we grow older to find out what it is really about, SEX. Imagine how your other parent felt about it. Make no mistake; they are usually aware of what’s going on but powerless to stop it.

I’ll do well to leave the names out but I know some pathetic cases. Last week, I hinted on secretaries turned “sexretaries” and it reminded me of one of the meanest women I have ever met. I dated her son some years back and on my first visit to their place, I knew it wouldn’t work out. Who wanted such an unpleasant woman for a mother-in-law? Definitely not me. She was every inch unfriendly; I couldn’t even relax because she had her eyes on me throughout. I later got to know that she was suspicious of every young girl that came around since she wouldn’t know who was her husband’s little girlfriend.

The man in question at the time was openly dating his secretary but there were others too. His wife had grown bitter over time and now very antagonistic of young girls. I wasn’t too surprised when I broke up with her son over his infidelity. It was in fact good riddance, still see him around and I’m pretty sure he’s perfected the act as bequeathed by his dad.

I also know a young lady married off to an older man because she got pregnant out of wedlock. The marriage however became an open licence to the world of men. Last time I checked, she’s got five children from four different men and possibly still counting. You can then imagine the mental state of her supposed husband, now a shadow of himself.

And there was also this marriage blessed with four young and intelligent children. The man had to live and work at a different town in the same State and he soon got entangled with a lady, his neighbour. But did he have to take her on visits to his family on the pretence of being friends? Did he have to sack his wife from their matrimonial bed just for his “friend” to occupy during those visits?

Growing up to find that those aunts and uncles were actually parents’ lovers can be quite unsettling. But what’s even worse is to be affected by it. Sadly, many who grew up in family settings where brazen extra marital affairs thrive, unconsciously grow into it themselves and it becomes some a sort of vicious cycle. And that’s why it’s up to you to resolve to change the narrative. If you had fake aunts and uncles, then you should ensure that your kids never have them.

It’s great to be an ideal parent, to be a role model of faithfulness and commitment to one’s children. It’s definitely something to desire and work out. But if you are able to prevent it on your part, there’s still this challenge of not knowing if your spouse would let the guard down by doing so. But then, it starts with you so take the first step, be and remain faithful. Now is your chance to create the stories that your children and others will tell about you and you definitely don’t want it tainted with accounts of your randy dealings, or do you?

Don’t even imagine that they won’t know.

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