‘My father had an affair with my wife’

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I couldn’t take my eyes off Bimpe when I first saw her. Her ravishing figure was the first thing that attracted my attention. She was tall and shapely, with the right curves in all the right places. Her face was beautiful and shone like the Northern Lights. It was brightly lit with a most charming smile that seemed to charm even the very earth on which she walked. Her boobs were firm, full and high, and the points of her nipples were quite conspicuous through the black blouse she wore over a blue jeans skirt.

She left me breathless with the way she swung her hips, and the spectacle of her long slender legs moving in rhythm blew my mind. I had never seen a girl with so much sex appeal before in my life, and so I had completely fallen for her even before I had become acquainted with her.

I couldn’t help but stare at her like one transfixed, as she walked up to the bus stop to wait for a taxi to take her to the place she was going.

Even though we were neighbours residing in the same housing estate in Lagos, I had never been able to summon the courage to toast her in the past. But that day, it was as though a new spirit of boldness seized me. Maybe it was because I was going crazy due to the maximum sex appeal she was oozing.

So I damned the consequences, ignored the odds and took the future of my love-life in my hands as I walked up to her at the bus stop.

Luckily for me, Bimpe had not yet been able to flag down a taxi when I got to the place she was standing. I had always been a shy guy, and although I had been bold enough to step to her, I still managed to introduce myself with some shyness.

“Hi, Bimpe, remember me? I’m your neighbour here in Dolphin Estate,” I said. To my surprise, Bimpe smiled back at me and seemed delighted to see me. “I’ve always thought you never talk, since you’re the most quiet guy in the neighbourhood,” she said, with a little mischief in her voice.

I knew she was only teasing me in a positive and cheerful manner, so I calmed down and relaxed, and gladly let go of my nervousness. That was how we became friends and then I saw her off to the shopping complex she was heading to.

But Bimpe showed that she was really different from the crowd of girls that I had known before her. At the shopping complex, we visited a boutique and she offered to buy several shirts and trousers for me at the men’s section of the boutique.

No woman had ever bought a gift of clothes for me before. And from that moment, I made up my mind to make Bimpe my one and only steady girlfriend. Her positive attitude and character were just too good to be overlooked by any man in his right senses.

When I returned home that day, I tested my new clothes and found to my delight that they were a perfect fit. All my friends admired my new shirts but I was too ashamed to tell them that a lady had bought them for me, because I thought they would laugh at me and portray me as unmanly.

However, that is not to say that I did not appreciate what Bimpe had done for me. In fact, I treasured it in my heart as an unforgettable act of love.
I didn’t have to tell Bimpe formally that I wanted her to be my one and only girlfriend. It was not necessary to put my intention into words, because my feelings for her were clearly expressed in the way I looked into her eyes and held her hands.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So every fool would have known that I cared about Bimpe from the way he saw me acting whenever I was with her. Indeed, I considered it a rare privilege to be blessed with the company of such a pretty girl. In Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, where we lived, I was sure that there was no one as adorable and lovable as Bimpe. She was simply my Cinderella, my one and only princess.

I had dreams of spending the rest of my life with a kind-hearted lady who would show a man true love. I wasn’t in any doubt about Bimpe’s feelings for me because I noticed the glow in her eyes whenever she saw me, and I could almost hear the sound of her heart beating wildly whenever I held her in my arms and kissed her soft sweet lips.

My darling Bimpe was like a wild rose flower waiting to be picked by a handsome prince who would offer her true love from the bottom of his bold and beautiful heart.

Bimpe was a wild flower even in bed. Her love drove me wild. Her romance tasted like wild honey. I must confess that her sex appeal had a tremendous effect on me, and as a result, I couldn’t help making love to her almost all the time and in any location. I was addicted to Bimpe and whenever I felt a sexual urge for her, I entered inside her with hard, deep thrusts that seemed too strong for her to control.

On one of such occasions we were at a party on the island. A friend of mine was getting married and had invited us to his bachelor’s eve party. I think we had both gotten tipsy from the amount of alcohol we had consumed that night when I felt a pressing urge to make love to Bimpe. Maybe it was the miniskirt she had on, and the sight of her exposed smooth thighs that aroused me.

So I playfully slipped my hand under her miniskirt and caressed the inner sides of her thighs. Bimpe also felt turned on, and as she clung to me, I began to touch her. By this time she was moaning loudly and panting, like one losing her breath.

But we didn’t want to make love in the presence of so many people at the party. So we went outside to the car park, and in the darkness of the night, we reached our climax.

I had found true love at last, and so I wasted no time in taking Bimpe to the altar. My parents loved Bimpe and were very excited about her becoming a part of the family. Members of my family gave us so many gifts on our wedding day. We were said to be made for each other and it seemed that our union was designed by heaven and perfected by the love we shared.

However, though everyone appeared quite excited about my wife and overcome by her charms, my father appeared to be more excited about my wife more than any other member of my family. One thing I disliked about my dad was his womanizing nature.

Though my mum was his lawfully wedded wife, he had so many girlfriends and mistresses outside.

My father was a politician. In fact, he was a public figure because he had held some political offices in the past and was still holding a big position in his political party.

Sometimes, he requested that my wife, Bimpe, accompany him to political party meetings and other functions. According to him, it would be nice to show off his beautiful daughter-in-law to his friends and political associates.

I didn’t object since I felt I could trust my father with my wife. But I started suspecting my wife was up to something because whenever we had a quarrel, she would run away to my father’s house and spend the night there, in the name of reporting me to my father.

It was baffling that even when we had the slightest quarrel she would run off to report me to my father and would not come back until the following morning or a few days later. If she ran off to report me to my father on a Friday, she would not come back until the following Monday.

Last month, Bimpe announced that she is pregnant and we started expecting our second child. But the bubble burst when my mother caught her and my father red-handed making love in our family house five days ago.

My mum had gone to the market but had to return to the house unexpectedly to pick something she had forgotten. That was how she caught my father naked on top of my wife who is supposed to be carrying a one-month old pregnancy.

Now, I know for sure that my wife’s pregnancy belongs to my father.

I have now instituted a divorce suit at the High Court. As for that shameless old fool that calls himself my father, I will make sure he loses his big position in his political party.

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