Fathers, Their Day

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WE make too many assumptions on familial matters. A good example is that fathers know their children and children know their fathers.

The tales stretch to mothers but it is Fathers’ Day, I will concentrate on fathers. How are fathers and who are not?

One of the things that men dread is the prospect of someone walking up to them and staking entitlement to the man’s paternity of the said someone. Others said they would be excited to so suddenly discover they have unknowingly been fathers.

There are some instances where DNA solves no situations. How does one for starts react to such a situation?

Even those who brag of various licences they have to liaisons deserve some shocks at such a rarified occurrence.

Execution of claims paternal relationships have been carried out in different ways. Some have stepped out of their to embrace a change in their paternal status – a baby has been dumped their. The usual instinct is the save the innocent baby.

Everything changes. Madam has her questions. The new father would be busy scanning his landscape of relationships to know which of the babes would have acted in this unbecoming manner.

We are men. We are fathers. We are leaders. We are husbands. What else are? We may not know.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all men, especially those who are fathers and know it not

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