Fickleness of fame

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The most important pursuit anyone should be after is a life of purpose and a life of impact. Change the course of your life today; redress the motivation for your actions and for your choices.

Fame is as fickle as emotions are.

Over the years we have become accustomed to the craze and crave for fame, and we’ve been pushed into many acts that we hope they shoot us to limelight, which as we believe is fame.

Fame as we see it with our flawed human perception is fulfilment and overwhelming satisfaction. Is it?

This lie has been sold to us and many of us have blindly bought the lie and we let it guide and motivate us in our life pursuits. Many times, the media have made it possible for us to be abreast with the negatives associated with fame. Do we listen? Do we care? Do we not always think that our own cases would be different? Do we not think of fame without negatives as our own fate?

Fame, in as much as it sounds cool and satisfactory, has it own downsides.
Many of us who chase fame headlong have not been trained in handling the wiles that come with it. And it is guaranteed that they would come.

Fame brings us in contact with so many people, who want to be associated with us because of all we have going for us. They have their own understanding of the benefits of our fame, for themselves. Yet they will not always be there when the bough breaks and you need support.

The fame that has been sold to many of is a lie. As gullible customers with a one-traffic mind, we gulp down everything, hook line and sinker. We have to live with how we manage it. Like most marketers, the seller is never around when we run into trouble with the product or service. Fame is a unique product with many marketers selling different sides of it to the same person.

On the other side, fame, without purpose, lies chronic emptiness, untold loneliness and awkward dissatisfaction. Those who are still battling for the fame they have seen as perfection on television or on the other media may never understand these statements, and I hope they do not have to experience it before believing.

Lately, we have been hit with countless sad tales surrounding the ugly demise of so many people and though they used to be our “eye candy”, those we envy and look up to, news shows that they did not have it all covered and all was not going smoothly for them all.

The latest sad occurrence being the death of a popular rap king Chester Bennington hit many of us in places where we never thought it could be hit. But, yes, it has happened. The lesson remains that nobody has it all. Nobody is so famous that he or she is perfection in motion.

Fame is fickle. Fame is transient.

Do you want fame for fame’s sake, or do you want to live a life of purpose and impact? I would like to hear you positions.

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