My first wife’s witchcraft made me marry a second wife!’

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I put a spell on you,
Because I can’t live without you.

“Mama, I’ve made my choice. Precious is the one I want to marry and nothing will make me change my mind.” That was how I forced my mother to agree to my marriage to Precious eight years ago.

My mother gave her blessing to the marriage, though she observed that Precious acted strangely.

My mother said that she couldn’t wait till the next nine months for Precious to give birth to her grandchild. But to our disappointment, years passed, and still we remained childless.

After five years without a child, my relatives began to question my manhood. “Ben,” my eldest sister said, “if you can’t impregnate your wife, why not see a fertility specialist?” I went to see a fertility specialist.

But the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me and my wife and that maybe our problem is spiritual.

After waiting for two more years to have a child in vain, my eldest sister advised me to marry a second wife. My mother supported the idea, and it was left for me to inform my wife about it.

However, to my greatest surprise, Precious totally rejected the idea of my marrying a new wife. I reminded her that we were Africans and that an African man was incomplete until he had a child, especially a male child. But she swore that any woman who married me would have herself to blame.

I went ahead and married a second wife. But to my horror, from the very night my second wife moved in, she started suffering spiritual attacks.

She said that in the middle of the night, evil forces would press her down and try to suffocate her. There was this particular night that my second wife almost died in her sleep and I had to take her to church.

At the church, the pastor saw a vision that my first wife is a witch and is responsible for the bad things that have been happening to my second wife. I told the pastor that I had to marry a second wife because I suspected that my first wife is a witch.

I told him how it had been revealed to me in the former church I was attending that my first wife’s witchcraft is the cause of our childlessness, because she had sacrificed her unborn children at the witches’ coven.

With prayers, the attacks stopped for some time. Three months later, my second wife became pregnant and I thought we had finally overcome.

But six months into her pregnancy, the spiritual attacks started again and she had a miscarriage one night and lost so much blood in the process that I feared for her life.

Her relatives accused my first wife of masterminding the attack. They came and took my second wife away from my house, claiming that I couldn’t guarantee her safety.

The child that refuses to let its mother sleep will also not sleep.

Precious, my first wife is still acting strangely. I know she is out to ruin me. But I’ll make sure she doesn’t succeed in preventing me from having a child by my second wife.

The witch can’t bear me a child, yet she won’t let someone else do it. She keeps fighting me all the time and wants to wipe out my name from the face of the earth when I die. But I won’t let her succeed. I’ve told her to move out of my house before the end of this month or else…

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