Grants for post-graduate studies in Brazil

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THE Government of Brazil has Cultural and Educational Agreements with some countries, through which citizens of those countries can apply for postgraduate courses in Brazilian universities. Nigeria is one of these countries with which Brazil has an agreement to take students under the Convention-Students Programme (Programa de

Estudantes-Convênio – PEC-PG). Under the PEC-PG, therefore, Nigerian citizens can apply for post-graduate studies (masters and doctorates) in Brazilian universities.The Convention-Students Programme (or Post-Graduate Students Programme) aims to form qualified human resources for foreign countries.

Under the PEC-PG, public and private institutions of tertiary education in Brazil offer vacancies in post-graduate courses for foreigners, who are exempted from entrance examinations. For the selection of Convention-Students, the

Ministry of External Relations in Brasilia and the Brazilian Ministry of Education take into consideration school data and qualifications of the candidates presented by the Brazilian Missions abroad.The Brazilian Government spends an average of US$5,000.00 and US$7,500.00 yearly for each successful foreign student under the Programme for Masters and Doctorates respectively.

At present, there are over 4,000 Convention-Students, from over 55 different countries, in Brazil. The grants given by the Brazilian government is limited to research, accommodation, school fees and round-trip air-tickets only.

Convention-Students’ families or sponsors are responsible for all the other expenses incurred by the student while in Brazil: maintenance, books, other printed material, health insurance and medication. (The Brazilian public health system – SUS, made available to the PEC-PG students, does not cover drug expenses).

For the PEC-PG Programme beginning in 2018/19, the Brazilian Consulate-General will be receiving applications from Nigerian candidates who have obtained the minimum intermediate qualifying CELPE-Bras certificate for last year and from those who register for October 2017 CELPE-Bras exam still awaiting result.

Additional information on the requirements for the selections of candidates can be obtained at its premises, at Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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