Group organises free medical treatment in Plateau LG

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The Qua’an Pan Development Initiative (QPDI) in Plateau has organised a free medical treatment to address some of the health challenges of the people of Qua’anpan Local Government Area of the state.

President of the group, Mr Nathaniel Doeko’os, said at the event that the gesture was to ensure a healthy society as “health is wealth”.

Doeko’os lamented the high cases of hepatitis and other diseases in the locality, adding that the medical outreach would not have come at a better time.

“We deem it fit to embark on the free medical outreach not only to treat people of their ailments, but to also conscientise all of us on the need to live a healthy lifestyles,’’ he said.

Dr Hyginus Dayton, Leader of the medical team, decried the high rate of hepatitis virus in the society and called for caution, to avert its spread.

“These days three out of 10 persons live with hepatitis virus because of the life style, especially during leisure when a single cup or calabash is used by many people without properly washing it.

“This is commonly spread in local brew joints like the “Burkutu’’ relaxation points that people often shared drinks in a calabash among themselves.

“So it will be wise for people to have their personal drinking cup or calabash and stick to it; that will effectively help in controlling the spread of the disease.’’

Dayton also cautioned against sharing of sharp objects, noting that diseases like HIV virus could easily be transmitted to one another through this means.

He commended organisers of the event and called on public-spirited Nigerians to emulate the gesture as the people in rural areas needed serious healthcare awareness campaign for the good health of their families.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that over 200 people benefited from the free medical campaign.

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