‘I hid behind a door so that his wife wouldn’t see me’

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My name is Agatha and my life experience story is about how I dated a married man two years ago. He was my boss at the office.

We worked together, but we didn’t really start talking of going out until I had broken up with my boyfriend at that time and started going out with someone else.

I was aware that he was married because his wife used to visit him in the office occasionally. But the secrecy thing about our relationship really made the whole affair exciting.

His wife never found out about our relationship. She was always away working because her job as a medical doctor was very demanding. So I usually spent the weekends and sometimes weekdays in his house whenever she wasn’t around.

When I think about it now, I realize that it was a ridiculous arrangement and a silly relationship I had with him. I spent most of my time waiting for him to call me, saying that his wife is not around and ask me to come over to his house.

I was simply at his beck and call with nothing to gain for myself. How foolish I was for what I thought was love! I even found myself cancelling plans with my family and friends just in case he wanted me to spend the weekend at his place.

He only ever came to my house once. And the only reason he came to my house that day was because he had called me and asked me to come over to his house but I had refused because I was getting so sick of sneaking around.

An hour later after the call that day, he was at my door and at the time I was trying to fool myself that he actually loved me instead of his wife.

Obviously he didn’t love me, because first thing the next morning, he asked me to leave his place so quickly after speaking with his wife on phone, that I knew he was really committed to his wife.

The way our affair ended is what I’m most ashamed of. One night, I went to his house while his wife was away. We watched a movie, had dinner and went to bed.

The following morning, we woke up to the sound of the front door closing because his wife had come back early to surprise him.

I was absolutely so scared and grabbed my clothes but he wouldn’t let me out of the room and made me hide behind the door just before she walked in.

He managed to convince her that they should go out to an eatery for breakfast since she was too tired to cook, and then I quickly left the house after they had gone because he deliberately didn’t lock the door with the key when they were leaving.

On my way home, he called me apologizing profusely and I asked him never to call me again, and he never did.

Can you imagine? He told me to hide behind the bedroom door so that his wife would not see me when she walked in. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself.

Since that day, I decided never to date a married man anymore. I’ve since found out that I was only one in a long line of women he had cheated on his wife with, and that last year she actually caught him with another woman.

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