‘My husband was responsible for my boyfriend’s death’

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People always say that wonders will never end in this world. That’s because the world is full of mystery. What happened to me is just like a movie.

Indeed, it is just like a movie and I’m still trying to recover from the shock of what i went through. Is it a crime to be married to an impotent man and leave him? What else could I have done after been married to an impotent man for 15 years without a child, if not to leave him for good? I want readers to judge for themselves in this matter between me and my ex-husband, Marcus.

Marcus was short, ugly and fat when I met him years ago in the village during the yuletide period. I have the habit of traveling home to the village whenever it is Christmas because there’s nothing compares to celebrating Christmas in your hometown.

I love traveling home for the holidays and I did just that 16 years ago when I met my husband. Alhough Marcus was short, ugly and fat, he had the most beautiful smile in the whole wide world and I fell for that most beautiful smile of his.

We became friends and when he learned that I was still in school, he pledged to sponsor my education, which he did. And I am forever grateful to him for that singular act of charity.

Our relationship lasted from my first year in the university till my final year when we decided to settle down.

We got married when I was in my final year because Marcus told me that he was afraid that if he did not marry me now, I would dump him for another man after I had graduated and then all the money he had spent sponsoring my education would have been wasted. That is in addition to him having a broken heart at the end.

So I married him in my final year in order to assure him that I was forever his. I remember our wedding eve.

Marcus took me into his arms and whispered into my ears: “Amaka, I will always love you. I will cross the seven seas with you and climb the seven mountains until death do us part.”

That was one of the sweetest sweet nothings I had ever heard in my life.

However, we got married and as the years progressed, I realized that I was living in hell. Marcus never told me that he couldn’t father a child before marrying me.

And for the next 15 years he hid the truth for me while I grieved every morning of every day for my barrenness, thinking that the fault was mine.

It was my husband’s personal physician who secretly told me the truth. And that was when I decided to leave my husband. I moved my things out of my husband’s house on the same night he traveled for business.

I moved in with a young man I had taken as my lover and before long, I conceived for him.

I decided to officially divorce my husband, Marcus, and the divorce litigation was still on when strange things began to happen to my young lover.

First, my boyfriend was attacked and beaten up by thugs on his way back from work one night. He was hospitalized for three days and resumed work only for the same thugs to ambush him again two weeks later and stab him to death with broken bottles.

I heard gossip that it was my husband who had organized the thugs to commit the crime. It was a very trying period for me but I managed to carry my pregnancy for my dead young lover to the end, and I gave birth to a baby boy.

However, immediately my husband heard that I had given birth to a baby boy, he started claiming the child as his own and begging me to return to his house.

Marcus is still begging me to come back to his house. He is begging me to let him hide the shame of his impotence by adopting the boy as his own child.

He said that in his culture, when a married woman gives birth, the boy belongs to her husband, irrespective of who impregnated her. But I’ve told Marcus to go to hell. I’ve told him that he’s lucky that I don’t have evidence to have him arrested and prosecuted for murder.

I’ve now given birth to my child. And I’m ready to raise the boy I had for my late boyfriend on my own as a single mother. As far as I’m concerned, Marcus is a murderer and I will never return to his house.

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