‘I had my boss transferred’

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“Careful, Fiona,” my workmate Kate warned as I gazed at our handsome young boss Aaron.

I’d been at the legal firm just a few weeks and Aaron was the company star. He was only in his early thirties, but he’d worked his way to junior partner and was on his way to another promotion.

“Why’s that?” I asked. “He doesn’t seem so bad.” The truth was I thought he was gorgeous.

“He sleeps with most of the girls in the office,” Kate said with a shudder. “He’s a total player!”
He just hasn’t met the right girl yet, I thought. Within weeks, I’d pretty much fallen for Aaron and decided to make a move.

I knew it was dangerous to date my boss, but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. So I sent him an email, asking if he’d like to meet for a quick dinner after work. He replied immediately with a time and place.

The date was very successful, and I spent the night with him. After that, we saw each other a few times a week — in secret.

Every morning he rushed off before me so we arrived at work separately. “We can’t be together in the office, babe,” he told me.

Deep down, I knew Aaron was using me, but I was sure I could make him fall in love with me if I was the perfect girlfriend. But it wasn’t long before I noticed Aaron spending a lot of time with a young clerk, Alannah.

“What’s with the flirting?” I asked, burning with jealousy after seeing Aaron laughing with Alannah in the kitchen. “She’s only 19!” He just smirked.

That night, Aaron didn’t come around to my place as planned and he didn’t answer his phone.
Alannah came to work the next morning in the clothes she’d worn the day before. It was obvious from the way she looked at Aaron that something had happened.

I spent most of the morning crying in the toilets. How could I have been such a fool?

I was drying my face when the CEO’s wife came in — her husband had popped in to talk to Aaron about the company losing money.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. Soon I was in tears again and had blurted out the whole story.

“That’s terrible,” she said. “Don’t cry. He’s only a man.”

For the rest of the day I tried to avoid Aaron and Alannah, who giggled and flirted all afternoon.

I arrived at work the next day ready to resign, but a man I didn’t recognise was in Aaron’s office and Alannah was crying.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Aaron’s been transferred!” Alannah wailed. The CEO had called Aaron the night before saying he’d heard stories about inappropriate relationships, and was sending Aaron out to a much smaller firm in the country.

I suppose I should feel guilty for getting Aaron practically fired. Funnily enough, I don’t!

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