‘I’m attracted to another man besides my husband’

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MY name is Celine and I am 35 years old. I reside in the Northern part of the country. I have a problem and my problem is that I just can’t stay with only one man. I got married five years ago and my husband is a very caring and loving man.

However, after these few years of marriage, I seem to have gotten tired of my husband and now I am desperately attracted to another man. I feel like cheating on my husband or even leaving him with our two children and eloping with the new man I fancy. How do I go about it? Please tell me what to do.

From Celine.

Dear Celine,

Love Doctor’s advice:

THIS is actually not acceptable. If you are after more than one relationship or can’t stay with only one man permanently, then don’t get married. You shouldn’t have got married in the first place.
Your partner might adore you more than anything in this world, but what happens when he or she finds out you have cheated, especially if you are the only person your partner has his or her eyes on? Put yourself in your partner’s position and feel what he or she would feel.

Even if you may be having issues in your marriage at the moment, you can resolve these issues by taking the bull by the horns by having a serious discussion with your husband and adjusting your attitude where necessary. Running away from your problems won’t make your problems disappear. It will only make them worse.
Temptation is all around us but only weak people fall for it. It is people that cheat that make other people feel insecure in life.

However, one way to resolve this issue is for you to try to rekindle the love you have for your husband for the sake of your children. That will help you to remain with your husband. However, if you know you can’t be faithful to your husband, tell him, so that both of you can find an amicable way to dissolve the marriage.

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