I’m too proud to beg-Krazee Legs

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By Douglas Omoyooma

The musical act known as Krazee Legs is not your everyday run-off-the-mill physically challenged Nigerian you come across on the streets. He is an accomplished athlete, fast rising musician and is dreaming of the stars.

The Oracle Today recently met him at popular celebrity Hangout, O’Jez Bar & Restaurant, Lagos, where he performs every Friday and engaged him in a chat. He was all smiles as he opened up on his journey, his challenges earning a living and why he can’t stoop to beg for a living.

Opening up on why he chose not to beg like many in his shoes, he said: “I am too proud to beg. In our own tradition in Benue State where I am from, we don’t beg. That will be a disgrace to my family and tribe. I am using my talents to get what I want in life and God has been fateful.

“I want to be on top of my game. I want to prove to the world that disability is a gift. If I can rise from nowhere and win a medal at an international tennis championship and become what I am today, you too can be what you want to be.”

What message does he have for physically challenged people? “They should not give up. Yes,  life is not easy but they should pray to God because with him, everything will work out. You don’t have to go by the road side and beg. You can empower yourself, discover your talents and the sky will be the limit for you. If I can come from nowhere and be here today, that means there is ability in disability. So hold onto your dreams and aspire to be the very best.”


Born to a family of six, Krazee Legs knowledge of poverty is firsthand. After his dad passed on in 1999 life became a nightmare. He recalls: “We lived in a-one-room apartment. My parents were struggling. Mum was a teacher and dad a civil servant. Things improved and we moved to a three bedroom flat but then dad died in 1999 and things became very difficult. It affected me seriously and I realised that it was only mum shouldering all the responsibility so I dropped out of school.

“It wasn’t easy. it was rough and tough. I was not going out because when ever I did go out, people couldn’t stop looking at me and pitying me. Some even made fun of me and discriminated against me. But I had a few friends who would have none of it and it fired me up and I began to hang out and I noticed to my shock that with my change in attitude, people started coming around me and wanting to talk to me. From there I realised that there is more to life, I could mingle with anybody and be what I want to be.

“That was when I met a friend, MC Bad Mouth who just loved what I was doing and he took me to a show at Silverbird Galeria in Abuja. That was what opened the doors for me. I was earning up to N50, 000 per show. Sometimes we had big events and I made as much as N100, 000 per show.”

O’Jez Music

Today, by dint of hand work, he has landed a record deal with O’jez and late last year he dropped his debut album entitled Walangolo.

He recounted how he hooked up with his record label: “That was when I came to Lagos to pursue a career in sports after my coach called me. He said that I had to move down to Lagos where the action is. In my state there are many challenged people but they are not being supported.

“I realised that if I am to make a headway I would have to take my coach’s advice and that was how I got  here but  along the line, I realised that I just couldn’t do without entertainment, which gives me money unlike sports where it is only when there are events that money comes but entertainment gives me money frequently so I went out in search of a place where I could be entertaining people. When I came I had an aunty so I was staying with her on the island.

“Sometimes when I went out for shows I hung out with my friends and slept under the bridge in a Keke Marwa or inside the stadium. That was when my friends told me O’Jez was the place to be. Then MC Shakara was the MC here. The first time I perfumed the audience was blown away so I decided to stay put at the O’Jez and here we are today. Things moved very quickly and from here I started going for shows in Apapa, Festac Town and wherever my services were needed and my label owner, Engineer Joseph Odobeatu was giving me all the support.”

Debut album 

How is his debut album, Walalagolo doing? “The response has been overwhelming. Walangolo has been making waves and people just love me. It is a five tracker featuring tracks like Promise and Fail and I Need Somebody among others.”

And he is dreaming of collabos as well and Tuface idibia is top on the list. He says: “Tubaba of course. he is my inspiration and means the world to me. After so many years, he is still hanging in there. That is why a want a collabo with him.”

International recognition

Thanks to years of hardwork and dedication. Krazee Legs made Nigeria proud last year at an international Lawn tennis Championships dedicated to physically challenged people where he won a bronze medal. Opening up on the experience he continued: “That was in June last year in New York. I was very happy. There was no prize money attached to it but I was glad I could make my country proud. I never believed I could travel out of Nigeria but there I was making my country proud in the US. I broke down and I wept for joy.”

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