Too much education unhealthy too

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A FEW days ago, many schools resumed and parents have been running helter skelter in a bid to ensure their wards and children resume school with everything they need for the academic session. It can be a challenging time.

But I ask? Was there ever a vacation? If you are wondering why I am asking, I am also wondering. Is there something I am missing? Is there something that I do not know?

Was there ever a time out from academic work for these children? When was the time? What is the purpose of the holidays if children would not rest? Were the holidays given so that they could move from one type of schooling to the other?

I don’t understand what is happening? Maybe, the experts in this area would provide some enlightening answers. What are school activities during holidays suppose to do for the children? If there is schooling during holiday why is it then holiday?

Do these parents truly care about their wards or are they just being selfish? Are they merely searching for where to keep the children while they continue with their individual pursuits?

I may be young and unmarried as many would remind me, but that does not mean I am oblivious of what is happening in my immediate environment. And the entire summer school brouhaha was one that caught my attention. Ok, they call it summer school to justify what they are doing? Where is the summer?

What is the use of formal education if children no longer receive the informal form of education, which we once knew to be the first stage of education? When do parents educate their children, at home?

Lately, I see and hear that school children leave their homes or get picked up by their school shuttle buses as early as 6:30am, only to return at 4pm after, of course, some of them must have stayed back for after school lessons. I am worried sick for these children and for the generation of parents we are parenting.

I am not anti-education, but I am against the manner in which parents have shoved their responsibilities into the hands of teachers, thereby forgetting there is a huge gap they are ignorantly creating in the hearts of their children. These children would at a point become parents!

Some parents would want to excuse themselves with the fact that they have to work and fend for the family, but then what would it profit us if we accrue all the wealth and end up with broken children roaming our streets? Would we not be creating more problems than the ones we think we are solving?

I believe something should be done about this and parents should know they have a major role in the training of their children and not schools. Whatever would be done would be the product of the conviction of individual parents on their role in the lives of their children.

Many of us know most of the challenges – parents work, parents have to fend for the family, parents need some time for themselves, parents may not even know what to teach their children if they are together, there are more. The most important response to these would be what individual parents see as their roles in the lives of their children.

The after school lessons and classes and other systems that draw the children away from the training of their parents should be looked into and balanced properly. We may never fully appreciate the consequences of children spending fewer hours in the homes, and more importantly not spending those hours with their parents.

Our country and the world are broken enough, let’s not keep breaking them and then keep blaming the cracks for making themselves visible.

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