My husband left me’

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Dear Love Doctor,

My name is Agnes and I am heartbroken. I have been married for the past six years and living with my husband and two children. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job last year and started acting funny six months after losing his job. He met a single lady who is rich and has a good job. The lady lured my husband with money to marry her and now he has abandoned me and gone to live with the lady in her house, although they haven’t yet got married. What do I do in this kind of situation?

From Agnes.

Love Doctor’s Advice:

Dear Agnes,

There is more to life than money, and family is more important than riches. Family is family, and therefore should not be traded for anything in the world. I think your husband needs counseling to make him come back to his senses, because his actions could probably be caused by frustration, depression, despair and/or loss of his self-esteem as a result of the loss of his job.

However, take heart and don’t worry, because everything will be alright and he will return to you in the end when he finds out that all that glitters is not gold. In the meantime, however, keep making sincere and genuine effort to reach him, especially through members of his family and yours too. Don’t give up on him, because you never know when the tables will turn and he will come back to you.

Also, if you’re legally married to him, you can seek legal counsel from a good lawyer and explore your legal options. A lawyer will help you safeguard your rights in the marriage. Also consult your priest, pastor, spiritual director, marriage counselor, psychologist or anybody who he listens to such as members of his family, to have a serious talk with him with the aim of making him return to his family.

Your husband has no reason to lose hope and abandon his family because of this temporary hardship, because he can still struggle and get another job or do a business, without having to abandon his family to date another woman for her money. No condition is permanent. And with God all things are possible.

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