Oga, sexretary official collabo

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WE hear stories of secretaries who sleep with their bosses but truly the stories told are only. a small fraction of many such cases in reality.

Recall when it was widely reported in the media that in the course of a bitter disagreement with a top female politician, the first lady of a certain State in Nigeria was accused of killing her husband’s first wife. The story had it that the said first lady was the man’s secretary at the time and they were allegedly making out, they got married after the death of the first wife. While this account is not authoritative, these sorts of tales are not unheard of in our society full of desperate women who can go to any length to wholly claim the man they desire.

I am currently following an interesting soap opera on TV titled “Industreets” and there is this enterprising young man who works as an artiste manager. His very supportive wife goes to the length of borrowing millions to enhance his business but surprisingly, the man in question has got a sexretary who is more like his “first” wife. Strangely too, he was already involved with Miss Sexretary ever before he settled down with another, yet they could not pack up, then the sexretary gets knocked up and insists on keeping the baby. I am yet to see the last…

So, is it wrong for one to have an aide, secretary or PA of the opposite sex? Not at all. It could even prove beneficial, healthy and interesting since you both can approach things differently, yet jointly, making for better results. But what is dangerous about this sort of arrangement is that a natural emotional attachment and fondness could grow over time as you get used to being around each other and in most cases unrestrained sexual relationships follow leading to more expectations that may not be readily fulfilled.

Truth be told, it is a highly unethical practice, but we do know that emotions hardly bend to any rules. It is also the prerogative of any two consenting adults to decide what suits them since it is presumed that they are well aware of the consequences and can handle any outcomes. How is it then that some men watch the sparks come, encourage them and even fan the embers and when they become huge flames, they refuse to put the pot on fire? In clear terms, some men lead their sexretaries on only to refuse to marry them after the whole thing. That is when they remember that they have wives at home and cannot marry another and even go ahead to say that they never promised anything.

But surely, there should be nothing wrong with getting a second wife

since you already showed that the one you had was inadequate by sleeping with another. And most importantly, men should stop thinking that the fact that they made no promises means that a woman is not expectant. For the most part, sleeping with a woman is enough to put all kinds of happily ever after thoughts in her head especially if she is desperate or sees you as her ideal man.

To be candid, any secretary turned sexretary is a disgrace to womanhood especially in cases where the man in question has a wife. It is tantamount to being a covetous lady and there is always a grave price for such ignoble acts in the future. For the Ogas involved, you enjoy it while it lasts but it will always end ugly. It is wicked and evil to expose your wife to a battle she is probably unaware of. Desperate secretaries can go diabolical just to create their own space since your wife appears to be a problem. It is sad too that some men eventually marry their secretaries even when their wives died mysteriously.

Knowledge and wisdom remains the best defence for women especially in our society where she is not expected to complain about a cheating husband but rather to endure and pray for him to change. Here, women are taught to feel privileged, happy and content to be considered fit for the home while he “wifes” others outside. Women

are never to request faithfulness from a man since he is a man.

While not being unnecessarily paranoid, women should be watchful and careful of secretaries that may in fact be unapologetically desperate sexretaries. Nothing to be anxious and overly agitated about though but just to be on the safe side. Sexretaries can act nicely and friendly while still actively acting wife towards your man. They can pretend to like you a lot, even strive to earn your confidence and then strike innocently.

Even when you are sure she is aiming for your spot, there is no point being confrontational but do exercise extra caution and stay alert so you would not be the victim. It is you the woman that actually needs prayers for safety so do the needful.

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