‘I paid my ex to get me pregnant’

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Your smile is a masterpiece,
Your hug is a dream come true.

How can you know that a man is infertile or impotent before marrying to him? I love men with muscles, and so I was naturally attracted to Charles. He was 47, I was 36, and we were both happy about having an affair leading to marriage. We knew both of us were getting older and needed to settle down fast so that we could begin to have children before old age comes. Charles was almost 50 and I was already over 35, so we had to take the decision to wed rather fast.

Charles and I only courted for two months, and our courtship was like paradise on earth. Right from the moment I knocked on his door and he opened for me to enter, he would carry me in his arms from the doorstep straight to the bed and make sweet love to me in a way I have never experienced. His touch was a memory, because I never could forget the way he touched me and made me reach cloud nine.

He was a good artist. And sometimes after we had made love, he would tell me to pose naked on the bed and use a pencil to make a breathtaking sketch of me on paper. I framed some of his black & white drawings of me nude because they were so beautiful.

Charles told me I had eyes like a cat; that my skin was the colour of honey, and that my hair was as beautiful and black as midnight. He was tall and had to look down into my eyes to say I love you. I couldn’t resist him when he kissed me, because his kiss was as soft as a feather and as satisfying as rain on dry land. I was both hungry and thirsty for his love.

And I thought I would die if I didn’t have Charles all night by my side.
However, the first seven years of our marriage were of deep concern to me, because all attempts to get pregnant for Charles failed woefully. Initially, I thought I hadn’t taken in because we didn’t have plenty of sex due to job stress. So we started having sex as if there was no tomorrow. But still, it didn’t work. And after 10 years of marriage, I was at my wits end.

I asked Charles if there was anything wrong with us, and he said nothing. He just kept silent whenever I raised the issue. His silence was suspicious and I told him so. Then one night, Charles woke me up from sleep at 3am and said he had a confession to make. He now confessed to me that when he was younger he contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which affected his reproductive ability.

My husband said his sperm count was extremely low and therefore, it was going to be very difficult, if not impossible for me to bear a child for him. I now asked him why he didn’t tell me all these things before marrying me. I asked him why he had wasted my time for 10 whole years before telling me the truth about his condition.

And he said he was sorry and that if he had told me during our courtship, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him. Charles now said that people have been referring to us as a barren couple and that it is his entire fault. He suggested we get children from outside to hide our shame.

I called my ex-boyfriend and promised to pay him $5,000 if he impregnated me. And he succeeded in making me pregnant. Of course, Charles, my husband, celebrated when I got pregnant twice and bore two children purportedly for him in quick succession. And then our stigma as a barren couple vanished. We are now living happily in South Africa.

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