PSquare fight a media stunt – Seun Kuti

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Son of afro beat legend, Seun Kuti has stated that the current video of PSquare engaged in an argument which culminated in fisctuffs was just another media stunt by the PSqure clan.

Reacting to a psot on social media, Seun Kuti has posted the following message: “Thois one na show. Don’t fall for the Okio Doko. Relevance+Finance in the pop industry.


Solange and jayZ in the elevator. Then you get tabloid styled albums talking about it all and you are all hooked. Okie Doke, they are fine.”

In another post he said: I can already see people chucking nose, picking sides. Wow! The album will be massive.

Recall that last year, the twins had been involved in a similar fight which they eventually claimed was just a media stunt after months of infighting.

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