Pump price hit N220 in Imo

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By Collins Ughalaa

The price of petrol has hit alarming N220 in some filling stations visited by The Oracle Today in Owerri on Thursday. This is even as the price of kerosine has continued to go up, hitting N270 in some filling stations.

Findings on Wednesday showed that that most of the filling stations in Owerri that increased their pump prices were selling at N170 per liter, but on Thursday morning the price had gone up and down, with some reverting to N145 while others sold between N170 and N220.

Some of the filling stations along Okigwe Road, Orji, had reverted to the normal N145 per liter pump price, whereas those at Nkw-Orji axis were still selling at N170 while some in Owerri town were selling above N200.

No queues were seen at the filling stations, but a pump attendant said the increase in price was influenced by the price at which they bought the product, assuring that petrol was not scarce at in Owerri.

Motorists told The Oracle Today that the APC led Federal Government should live up to their promise and ensure that petrol is available and at the normal price.

In a related development, Imo State Government has begun to implement its total ban on keke in the city of Owerri, with about 500 keke said to have been arrested and impounded by agents of the state government on Wednesday.

This is even as the people resorted to trekking long distances while others waited for non-coming vehicles for a long time under the sun.

The ban which began to be fully enforced on Wednesday led to so much suffering as many students said they got home very late and tired.

Some unscrupulous commercial bus and taxi drivers have taken advantage of the situation to increase their fares, charging N100 where they used to charge N50.

But during a phone-in radio programme on Hot 99.5FM on Thursday in Owerri, Imo people called on the Governor to return keke in the city or bring more vehicles to ameliorate the suffering of the people as occasioned by the ban.

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