WHO has read Dino Melaye’s book on corruption?

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Ikeddy Isiguzo

WE have a lot to learn from Dino Melaye. I can hear shouts of God forbid. Dino wrote a book. Does he not have a right to write a book? Did he have to come to us for the title of his book? Have we become so obsessed with self-righteousness that it now in our place to think for others, including dictating how they think, a preliminary process in writing a book?
I goggled Dino Melaye and these popped up –

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Then I goggled Ikeddy ISIGUZO, and saw stories that I wrote, some of which I had forgotten that I did. I laughed. I was promptly reminded that Dino understands Nigeria better than most of us. He is projecting himself, his concerns, his mistakes – it is called branding. You may not like him, but you know him, you hate him, he rankles you, your day is probably not complete without a mention of him. He is important to you.

I won’t for a moment want to be Dino. I can’t handle it. The likes of him deserve their place in society; no society is without them. It is debatable whether the Senate is a place for him. Our Parliament has more similar people, they are unlike Dino because they can ‘endure’; silence. Dino cannot survive not being heard, not being seen, and not having an audience.

Before I forget this: HOW many have read the book that they are so multitudinously criticising? I haven’t.
Dino is not interested in what light you see him. He is the light; if you do not see him you are blind that is the type of thinking that informs his decisions. I, however, object to corruption being pinned on him, and all who associate with him. He is Dino, which may be another name for another thing to you.

Let us leave Dino alone. We have bigger challenges. We cannot sign the budget, sometimes I imagine there is no budget (have we forgotten how many times it was lost, then found?), electricity is eluding us, and our infrastructure is collapsing. Terrorists and herdsmen are unceasingly are at work. We do not know whether we have a Vice President, an Acting President, or a Co-ordinator of national affairs (I wonder who co-ordinates foreign affairs).

If you decide not to leave Dino alone, I will not make any fuss about it. Like him, you are entitled to be heard. Unlike him, he will be too busy ensuring that he is heard, that he would not find the time to tell you to shut up.
Why do we find so much time for Dino, a man who acts on his convictions unlike most of us? How many of the righteous among us can write a book on corruption? Why don’t we respond to Dino with a book?

My slight anger is about my inability to write a book that the former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki, Speaker House of Representatives Mr. Yakubu Dogara will launch. Imagine the 469 members of Parliament (I guess those on suspension are counted at moments that count) buy a copy of my book at N50, 000 each? Many have easily calculated that at N23.45m. I am not that greedy. I will pay tax, pay VAT, pay collection charges to staff of the National Assembly who will deduct from the parliamentarians and I will pay for consultants, many of who would advise that I can avoid the taxes.

Even that decision to pay taxes would remind me that corruption is well and alive. Dino has reminded us about it, whether we accept it or not.
Did anyone wonder why saints in APC would be associating with sinners in PDP? Someone who did not intend to confirm that President Muhammadu Buhari was a dictator wrote that the Dino book event held because the President was not in town, sorry in the country. I call that another oddity against corruption. He was suggesting that Buhari would have stopped the gathering of sinners, as he called them.

The oddities of Nollywood, where man and woman are caught in scenes that leave nothing to the imagination and they would sing, “It is not what you think”, may help in analysing the Nigerian appreciation of corruption. Could it be that corruption is not what you think?

Ortom – Governor Of Wheel Barrows

I DON’T understand why Governor Samuel Ortom’s (reasoned, well thought out, planned) purchase of wheelbarrows for graduates in his State should be the subject of much criticism. I am equally surprised that nobody remembers that the man was once PDP, making him a suspect APC member. He is still in his PDP spirit that why he could distract graduates who the Federal Government would soon (another way of referencing a promise unkept since 2015) pay N5, 000 monthly with wheelbarrows. Ortom’s media aides, possibly investigating how the contract to inscribe the Governor’s names on the ‘machines’ eluded them, are not putting in a word for him.

How many Governors have done anything so profound for their people? Are we blaming Ortom for not using Benue resources to build a hotel in Lagos? Better still he should have spent the money as his security vote.
We have never had challenges with the motorcycles, sewing machines, used in poverty alleviation programmes. Ortom wanted to be different, so he opted for wheelbarrows. Innovative, especially with his name on it!


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