Secret to my success-Omoni Oboli

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By Douglas Omoyooma

Actress, Omoni Oboli is surely blazing a trail in Nollywood. Beginning in 2009, the actress turned movie producer has starred in over a dozen films and established herself as one of the most sought after faces in the motion picture industry with movies like Entanglement, The Figurine, Anchor Baby and Brothers Keeper among others.

And ever since she branched into movie production, she has made a name for herself with movies like Being Miss Elliot, Fifty, Okafor’s Law, Wives on Strike and now she is poised to drop another blockbuster, Wives On Strike Part 2. In this chat with Oracle Today, the graduate of the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, opens up on the secret to her success.

“I take time to pray and plan whatever I have to do. I don’t do things haphazardly. Whatever I set my mind to do I always make sure I go the hog. However, there were those that didn’t see what I was seeing back then but I never listen to people who were trying to discourage me.

“Once I noticed that you’re that kind of person, I stay away from you because I want a lot of positively charged people around me. Positivity is what makes you grow.

If you have negativity around you, it pulls you down.”
It is barely over a decade since she staged her Nollywood comeback to in KunleAfolayan’s Figurine, how has the journey been? “It’s been great! I am not going to sit here and say it is not been good. It has been really really good and I am moving from one level to the other, consistently upping my game.”
How does she combine career and family and yet, look so amazing?

A smile breaks her features as she responds: “Well, I always say the same thing where ever I go and I am asked this question which is that every woman out there who is working and who has a family and probably has a career, including the market woman, we all have the same struggles and the same challenges which is to try to put everything together. The truth is that you’ve got to have a good support system. I think I have one and a very supportive husband.”

When she hit Nollyywood over a decade ago, did she ever believe you could come this far? “I have always dreamed big and I knew just where I was going but I must confess, I did not think it would happen so soon and so well. I have God to thank for all of this and also my loving husband who has stood stoically behind me like the Rock of Gibralter.”

Omoni Oboli began her formal movie career with her first movie role in Bitter Encounter, in 1996, where she played a secretary. Her next was Shame. She then went on to play the lead female character in three major movies namely Not My Will, Destined To Die and Another Campus Tale.

After enjoying a brief career in 1996, Omoni left the movie industry to complete her university education. She got married immediately after school and didn’t return to the industry until a decade later. She has several notable screenplays to her credit including her film: Wives On Strike as well as The Rivals, a movie she co-produced with her friend and which won the prize for Best International Drama at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. It was the first Nigerian film to be premiered since the festival’s inception in 2003. The movie was given a 3 star rating out of 4 by the festival’s judges.

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