‘I slept with my dad’s boss to save my dad’s job’

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Dear Love Doctor,

My name is Mercy and my dad is a banker. But he wouldn’t still be working with the bank now if I hadn’t done what I did. He said his bank’s Managing Director (MD) didn’t like his face and was determined to sack him. One night, my father returned home from work looking so frightened and confused that he refused to eat.

He soon broke down and told us his children that he had heard a rumour that he would soon be fired from the bank, which meant that there would be no one to pay our school fees and no money for the family to feed anymore.

The thought of my father losing his job was terrible since my mum is just a housewife. I’m the firstborn of five children. I had to find a way. Without my dad’s knowledge, I went to see his MD and he said my dad’s name was actually on the sack list. The MD said he must go to bed with me if I wanted my father to retain his job.

Anytime I remember the day my father’s MD slept with me, I feel so sad. But still, I’m glad he kept his word not to sack my dad if I have sex with him. Christ said there’s no greater love a man has for his friends than to lay down his life for them. Figuratively speaking, that’s exactly what I did for my dad. Greater love has no daughter for her father, than to lay down her body for his sake.

From Mercy,



Love Doctor’s Advice:

Dear Mercy,

Time heals all wounds. So please take heart and don’t keep punishing yourself by continuously carrying the guilty feeling in your heart. Put your trust in God and never lose hope. Remember that your father (or anyone for that matter) losing his job is not the end of the world. There is life after being sacked. Some people even get rich through creativity and get their breakthroughs in life after being fired from their present jobs. So please, don’t go to such extremes again for any reason!

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