“I snatched my mum’s boyfriend”

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I still get wet in my dreams,

And I can’t forget the way you seduce me.

My name is Roseline. But my love for one man is about to ruin my relationship with my mother. If my mother disowns me tomorrow, it would be because I fell in love.

Yes, I did something that really hurt my mother. But is it really my fault? How could I have known that destiny would make me fall in love with my mother’s boyfriend?

His name is Patrick and I lusted for him from the moment I set my eyes on him. And I was willing to do anything to bring us together. When Patrick looked into my eyes, I felt weak in the knees and wet between my legs. My thoughts of Patrick were like roses in a field… delectable and soft.

Dreams of him were like hibiscus in a garden… bright and beautiful. And although I knew very well that he was my mother’s boyfriend, I woke up every morning thinking of how I would lie in Patrick’s arms.

I made up my mind to seduce him because I knew that my mother was too old for him. The age gap was wide and my mum was just like a sugar mummy to him.

As a young lady, I felt that I and Patrick belonged together. So I wrote him a love letter and when he came to the house to see my mother, I carefully slipped the letter into his hand and told him to read it when he gets home.

Patrick read my letter and called me. And we agreed to start seeing each other secretly behind my mother’s back. He said he was dating my mother because of money, and that he had always had feelings for me.

Patrick was younger than my mother. So I didn’t feel guilty about loving him. After all, why should mum be going out with a younger man, especially one young enough to be her son? I thought.

Patrick first made love to me in a hotel where he paid for short time. It had to be in a hotel because he couldn’t take me to his house for fear that one of his busy-body neighbours might see us together and report to my mother.

The sun was setting and the horizon looked so beautiful like a skyline from dreamland. And his kisses seemed to drown me against the orange glow of the romantic sunset.

They were so sweet I just held on to him and let him undress me. And when he touched me between my thighs, I longed for him to take all of me.

Within six months of our underground romance, Patrick swore that I was his true love and asked me to marry him.

That was when I really thought about the implication of what I had done. I was secretly dating my mum’s boyfriend, but how could I marry him?

Patrick said we should relocate to Ghana and live happily ever after away from my mother. Before I ran away from home, I wrote my mum a letter begging her to forgive me for snatching her boyfriend.

I left the letter on the dining table where I knew she’d easily see it when she returned from work. I feel so bad about hurting my mum so much.

Forgiveness is the best medicine.

I left a Ghanaian contact phone number with one of my uncles in Nigeria and he called three weeks after I’d run to Ghana to say that my mum has forgiven me for what I did.

He said my mum said I should come back to Nigeria because no matter what happens, she remains my mother and can never hold anything against me.

My uncle said that my mum said that even if I want to marry Patrick, the wedding should hold in Nigeria and she will support me as my mother, because every mother’s prayer is to live to witness her daughter’s marriage.

I cried over the phone when my uncle delivered the message from my mother. I’ve told Patrick that I can’t marry a man without my mother’s consent and presence. It’s either we go back to Nigeria and marry or he should forget about me.

Patrick says he’ll think about it, and I’ve given him two weeks to make up his mind or I’ll leave him and go back to my mother.

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