Why software development is poor in Nigeria – ISPON

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The President of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) Mr James Emadoye, has adduced reason for poor software development in Nigeria, blaming it on lack of infrastructure. Emadoye, who stated this in Lagos, said that the challenges facing the industry were mostly centred on electricity supply and broadband.

“The porous nature of the country where anything goes is also hindering the development and utilisation of local software as anything can be imported into the country. It is so sad that the country is so porous, anything goes and even our colleagues in other professions encourage the influx of software from other places.

“The problem we are also facing is that some companies in the country don’t put value on themselves. There is the need to have a reasonable level of trust and confidence that the country can manufacture substantially what they need, not only in software but in all strata of the economy. We have the population, resources and land mass to really be a great country,’’ he said.

According to the ISPON president, the more local goods such as software that are produced, the more the nation can develop and the economy in turn will improve for good. “The fact is that the economy cannot develop until we become production based,’’ he said, and advised that the country needed to stop importation of goods, particularly software.

“Some professionals in the industry are trying their best to be up to date and measure up with international standards, but if government through its procurement activities avoids patronage, the industry will not grow. “The institute is working in collaboration with the National Information Technology Development Agency and other government agencies to ensure total enforcement in terms of buy Nigeria, consume Nigeria, Nigeria first before any other,’’ he said. He, however, urged government on prompt implementation of budget allocations, adding that delay in implementation could slow down the industry.

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