Spain’s Minister of Sex, Rochas’ Commissioner for…

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MANY of us must have forgotten that early in 2017, Spain announced a unique cabinet appointment, one that has put in the shade what Governor Rochas Okorocha has done in Imo with the Ministry of Happiness and Couple Fulfilment.

In February 2017, Spain announced the appointment of Edelmira Barriera as Minister for Sex, to get Spaniards busier under the sheets. Whatever the concern of the Spanish authorities were, the appointment seemed to have flown against all known cabinet titles. The title seemed vulgar, even outrageous.

How can a country put such an official title behind a name? Who would be the counterparts in other countries?

Spain was worried about its dwindling population. It thought that Minister of such ranking would improve Spanish birth rates. Her job was well cut out, get the people to do more and produce more.

By the end of the year, it could be possible to know how much the Minister has done. The figures – not necessarily the shape of the women – will tell a fuller story.

Rochas must know something that the rest of us do not know. Should we be jealous or learn?
Is Imo population dwindling? Did he want, like Spain appoint a Commissioner for Sex, but demurred, when he was not certain about how people would react to the title? Did he just want to get more headlines, after the massive success with erection of statues?

Have we noticed the sagacity around the innovative happiness appointment?

Okorocha kept it within the family, after all, sex, in the context of Couple Fulfilment, cannot be matters for discussions outside the family.

The questions that would follow is what the creative Governor has for others who are not married, as the Ministry of Happiness and Couple Fulfilment seems to be mainly the family.
A lot of work lies ahead. If government promises happiness, and fulfilment, it must have indices for measuring them. What else do we need?

Mrs. Ogechi Ololo, is a worthy appointee, contrary to the criticisms trailing her. Being the Governor’s sister should not be a criterion to disqualify her. The relationship rather qualifies her.

What would all of you say if the Governor appointed someone else? How would the Governor know the appointee possessed qualities to generate happiness and fulfilment for couples?

Mrs. Ololo is Governor Okorocha’s sister. The Governor saw the happiness and fulfilment that she radiated, and appointed her.

May the coupled happiness and fulfilment spread round the country. Soon, it should not be out of place for us to have a Minister of Sex like Spain.

If you need any explanation for the appointment, tell them it is done abroad. Spain is the spin for happiness and fulfilment.

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