Sudan plans two-day summit on Takaful insurance

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A two-day summit on Takaful Insurance will take place in Khartoum, Sudan from March 12 to 13, this year, under

The summit will hold under the theme Takaful Insurance: Future and Challenges.

To be hosted by the International Federation of Takaful& Islamic Companies (IFTI), the Association of the Sudanese Insurance & Reinsurance Companies (ASIRC) and The National Reinsurance Company which is the oldest Takaful reinsurer in Africa, the event provides a platform for all African insurance companies to exchange experiences of Sudan which is the birth place of Takaful insurance.

“The information and experience sharing/exchange will help African countries develop closer cooperation ties and derive some benefits from those with a rich Takaful experience,” read the statement by the Organisers of the summit, who also expressed the belief that Takaful ‘will play a pivotal role in increasing insurance penetration in Africa which is still lagging on a less than 2 percent insurance penetration rate.’

The ambition according to the Chairman of the Association of the Sudanese Insurance & Reinsurance Companies, ASIRC, Mr. Hassan El Sayed Mohammed, is to make the Takaful Insurance Summit an Annual event to develop Takaful business in Africa.

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