Takam demands re-match against Joshua

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. As his plans big reception for him


Carlos Takam is demanding a rematch with British of Nigerian decent world heavy champion, Anthony Joshua after he suffered 10 round controversial defeat.

Takam is at a lost why the referee stopped the fight at round 10 when he was not knocked out by the IBF and WBA world heavy champion, Anthony Joshua nor did he show any sign of weakness during the fight to warrant the referee stopping the fight.

According to Takam, despite losing the fight in controversial circumstance to Joshua, he is proud of the British fans even as he declared his respect for his opponent, Joshua.

“I respect Anthony, he is a great pugilist, I respect him. That the referee stopped the fight I don’t know why. I respect the fans, anyone, the UK fans; they are great fans. I am proud to be here, I respect them.
“ I am here to make them happy. I want a rematch because I really do not know why the referee stopped the match,” Takam declared.

Reacting to Takam’s outburst after the match, Anthony Joshua said he has no power to either stop the match or to decide when the rematch will be. According to him, the referee knew better and as a result has nothing to do concerning Takam’s complaint saying stopping the fight was not his job but that of the official..
“I have no interest in what’s goes on with the officials, that’s not my job. My job is to worry about my opponent.

“I was poaching, I was trying to break him down, down and round and unfortunately, the referee stopped the fight.
“But if we want to take Takam, of course he would want to throw a punch,that one I understand. And that’s where I want to get to 10 rounds, 11 round and 12 round but stopping the match is referee’s decision,” he declared.
“On the issue of a rematch is my decision to make. There are people whose responsibility it is to take that decision and when they do we will certainly abide by it.”

Meanwhile one of the Joshua’s Uncles, Adedemola Joshua has declared that they are planning big for him when he visits Nigeria possibly before the end of the year even as he declared that Anthony has accomplished a lot as far as boxing is concerned.

“Well I think that Anthony has really accomplished in terms of boxing. And we all need to be proud of him. I am so proud of him now, the same the whole family. We knew he was going to win the fight.
“We are planning to host him when he returns to Nigeria. He has done the family and the country proud despite fighting in the name of England, his root is Nigeria and I can assure you that he is a proud Nigerian despite flying England flag.

“We shall honour him when he returns to the country possibly before the end of the year,”one of the uncles declared.

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