Unique challenges of Nigerian girls

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On 11 October 2017, the world celebrated the International Day of the Girl child, and I did too.

I am a baby girl and statistically, there are about 1.1 billion girls in the world, so that number minus me, do the maths, imagine if all these voices are being heard in their various fields of endeavor.

There are challenges that would make it difficult for their voices to be heard, and I believe there are as much potential of its possibility as there are challenges, and they are unique to us all, in spite of where we may be located.

So let’s talk about the challenges.

1. Our gender: A couple of years ago after the separation of my parents, I was taken to go lie with my grandparents. At the resumption of school, an uncle of mine, went to let my father know that schools have resumed and myself and my sister had to go back to school, My father in all his fatherliness told my Uncle that” we were women and education is not compulsory for us, after all, we will become married one day and our education would be a waste.

When I heard that as a young girl still battling the separation of her parents, you don’t want to imagine how I felt from then on till I grew and dealt with those words.

Growing up too, I have had experiences were my gender was the major hindrance, as a lady, I have been told too many “YOU CANNOT DO THIS, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A WOMAN”.

Have you ever been told that because you are a woman, you are not allowed to do this and you are not allowed to that?

2. Our culture: Culture is a way of life of a people within a geographical location, these cultures form the lifestyle of everyone living there, but most of these cultures as we are learning are unnecessarily unfair to women. These cultures affects us more and somewhat relegates us to the backseat on so many matters.

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