Update – Anambra Governorship Debate

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Industrialisation: We need steady power supply. Greates problem of industry in Anambra is power.
Good roads, security, water–Tony Nwoye.

Obiano: Have done 301 kilometres of roads out of 701 kilometres.
I have done 6 bridges. Have done 51 of the 101 legacy projects.

The budgeting process here is not transparent–Obaze of PDP.

Anambra State is not on a sustainable growth path. We have to focus on human capital development so that we can grow a crop of people that should be strong and buoyant enough to pay the income tax that would be used to grow IGR and, by extension, the economy–Chidoka.

Nwoye-Roads in Anambra are dilapidated. My major focus if elected is road infrastructures

We moved IGR from N40b which the previous administration did to N500b in three and half years. We are doing well in agriculture–we are self-sufficient in rice and we are exporting vegetable and yams to UK

The Anambra Airport project is bogus-Obaze, Chidoka

Anambra is not putting a kobo in the Anambra Airport-Obiano

I will engage IPOB members if I am elected governor and get them positively engaged-Nwoye.

The wave of agitation across the country is an indication that the country should be restructured.

Obiano has to take responsibility for what is going on in the State with regard to IPOB threats–Obaze

Marginalization is causing the agitation–Ezeemo

The failure of APGA to provide leadership for Ndigbo led to the emergence of IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu was the London chairman of APGA. The feeling of impotence to provide leadership for Ndigbo, as exhibited by APGA led to the emergence of IPOB, which is simply saying Ndigbo must be treated fairly. It is not unemployment that is responsible but failure of APGA, which rather than provide leadership for Ndigbo became a money-making machine-Chidoka.

Summaries of the candidates’ debates

Nwoye-I want Anambra people to trust me to provide education, power, water, roads and fight against injustice.

Obiano-I ask Ndi Anambra to re-elect me because my policies are working

Obaze-Anambra is broken and needs to be mended. i have the experience to mend it

Ezeemo–I have antecedents in development matters that the people of Anambra can relate to. If voted into power, I will continue with government policies what I have been doing as a private individual

Chidoka–Anambra needs to vote for a party that has a future. APC is divisive; APGA has failed the people of

Anambra; PDP has lost its soul and the founded of the PPA has left the party. The only party with future is UPP.

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