‘I want to get my man back!

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Dear Love Doctor,

I messed up with my ex boyfriend and he left me. But now I want to get my ex boyfriend back. We dated for almost one and a half years. We had a very healthy relationship, shared lots of interests, just like a perfect match to each other.

We broke up after he accused me rightfully of cheating on him, and then he said he had lost his feelings for me. I tried to bring him back but failed. How can I succeed in bringing my ex back to me?

From Bimbo.

Love Doctor’s Advice:

Dear Bimbo,

This is the best way to achieve your goal of getting your ex back. First and foremost, do NOT make him feel that you are trying to twist his arm or change his mind regarding the break up. In other words, do not act as if you’re desperate; because if he feels you’re putting him under undue pressure, he’ll go the other way. So you have to be resigned yourself to thinking that you might not get him back before you approach him again.

However, when you do approach him, your first order of business is to apologize. You need to tell him that what you did was game playing and wrong. He needs to hear that you totally understand why he was furious with you.

Tell him that you have become aware of your actions and their negative effect on your relationship. Tell him that you have changed and that you have realized that he is truly the one you love. Therefore you will like him to do you a favor by telling you what you did or didn’t do in the relationship, so that you will know the particular areas that you really need to improve on.

When you take this position, he will see that you are truly different. If there is anything left to salvage in your relationship or if he truly loves you back, you will be creating the soil that will save the relationship.
I wish you the best.

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