Who cares about resolutions

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I didn’t make any resolutions this new year and I have no regrets, who resolution epp? I just think it rather fool hardy making resolutions for the sakes even when the ” resolution maker” knows that words alone don’t cut it. It’s just a waste of useful thoughts and time.

I stopped resolving over and over to be the saint I can never be because it’s just unrealistic. What we term resolutions are mostly about quitting things our church mind judges as bad and even sinful : smoking and drinking, womanizing or “manizing”, masturbation or gayism etc. Others include blackmail, witchcraft, gossiping, fighting, “knifing” and “matcheting” Then again, can resolutions curb bribery/ corruption and armed robbery/ kidnapping in Nigeria? We wish…

Why do resolutions mostly fail? Could it be that we resolve to stop what we didn’t start in the first place? Or that we play God thinking that we can press pause when we never pushed the play button initially? Hey, if you keep doing stuff you wish to stop then you don’t have to wait for the new year to change course neither do you need any resolutions.

You also don’t have to pencil down all the wrong things you do neither do you have to burn innocent pieces of paper to ashes thinking that the mere act washes away your sins. Take heart, dear, but truth be told, it works not. Tell you what, resolutions don’t change us, it takes much more. Any day is a good time to start fighting and resisting your own “devils” one day at a time.

On the flip side, you may require smart and purposeful resolutions to work better and be more effective in the new year say in business. The start of a new year is a fantastic time to review and maybe rethink strategies and approaches and then set new milestones. No matter your line of business, I’m sure you want to reach more people and increase chances of making sales. At this material time in 2018, the year is fresh and new, i’m sure no one wants to be reading love stories this early. Lol.

But for real, who still makes love these days? Well, maybe just people who are in the love making business. I’m thinking we are all about increasing income this year at least for now . So, this month of January, I’m led to share simple yet effective ideas about how you can breath new life into your source of livelihood. Take it or leave it, customers/clients have new and changing expectations these days and to stay ahead, you must progressively redefine the expectations and meet same. This new year with new goals spurred by new possibilities can only yield new and good things given a new outlook and renewed mindset.

Is someone wondering why I’m opting to go biz on this love page at this time? Let’s just say that love is sweetest when we are making money same time. And for what it’s worth, I’d rather talk money first then love later, shekina!

Catch you next week…

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