Why Are We So Blasé?

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Professor Christopher C. Mojekwu

Ikeddy Isiguzo

A year ago, 18 May 2016, I wrote this about a great compatriot, the father of Pamela Mojekwu, who many of knew from keeping fit, to keeping columns in several publications. Pam shared it, and I am sharing it too…
Congrats Pam. Your dad Professor Christopher C. Mojekwu was a great man. Minister of External Affairs of the Peoples Republic of Biafra, among other things he had been in Nigeria, before the war.

An erudite scholar who made his mark at the London School of Economics, founder of Okongwu Grammar School, a Biafran Nigeria dreaded as he lived a quiet life in the USA, teaching and rallying voices for Biafra after the war. We remember him, and his death in a traffic accident. We do. The Mojekwu Lounge should not be a Lake Forest College (Illinois) project alone.

Your dad has friends elsewhere who are unaware of the project, but would be interested in ensuring its success if contacted. Mojekwu was one of the intellectual giants behind Biafra’s prosecution of the war. He co-authored African Society, Culture, and Politics: An Introduction to African Studies, a 277-page publication by the American Universities Press in December 1977. His other works include A Handbook of Selected Constitutions (1966), The Nature of Law and Justice in Ibo Society, Laws in Conflict: The Consequences of Nation Building (1974). We cannot forget him. We dare not forget him.

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