‘My wife gave me love potion’

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By Ireto Temofeh

My story is short but it is quite unique and interesting if you understand. My name is Kola and I live and work in Lagos. I am in my early 40s and I and my wife have four lovely children. I love my wife so much and she normally shares her secrets with me.

From the day that we got married, I understood clearly that communication is all that a couple needs to make their marriage work. Henceforth, I resolved to always maintain a good line of communication with my wife. And I think that is the secret of the success of our marriage.

You see, I always confide in my wife and she too confides in me. I tell her everything I do in my family and even at the office. And she does likewise. But a few years ago, when our first daughter turned 15, my wife decided that it was time for her to share her most prized secret with me.

That morning on my way to the office, she told me that she would like me to return home as early as 6pm so that we could have a romantic and quiet time together. She said that would be a perfect time for her to tell me something she had wanted to tell me all these years.

I dutifully obeyed my wife and returned home by 6pm that day to find that she had prepared my favourite food beside a bottle of wine on the table.

Our kids were away on holiday in the homes of our relatives, so we were as free as birds to do whatever we liked in the living room that evening. We sat down to eat and drink the wine and my wife opened up as we ate, drank, and kissed. Guess what my wife told me?

My wife told me that the first day I asked for her friendship while she was still in secondary school (SS2), she fell head over heels in love with me. And she wished that I would never leave her and marry someone else. So she went to a herbalist living in her area and the man gave her a love potion to put in my food.

My wife said she put the love portion in my food, but that when I returned to school at the UNN three weeks later, I forgot all about her and we lost contact after her family moved out of Lagos, until we met again by accident in Ibadan five years later.

She said she thought the love portion had failed, but that she believed that what will be, will be. So she kept hoping and praying that if God had destined us to marry, I would eventually return to her.

My wife said she was afraid of telling me this in the first year of our marriage, because she thought that I would take her for a witch and divorce her.

After her revelation, I thanked her for sharing it with me and told her that we are married today because God has destined us together, and not because of any love potion. However, I sternly warned her to stay away from native doctors. Tell me, if it were you, what would you do? What is a man supposed to do if his wife gives him love potion? Isn’t it funny?

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