Women, deceased spouses, crazy in-laws

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I HAPPENED upon the news of a young woman in Port Harcourt whose husband of nine months was crushed to death by a fellow human being and not long after the burial rites had been concluded, the in-laws came to strip her off of all their properties, calling them their brother’s.

We say “drama is the imitation of reality”, I dare add whether good or bad reality, this sight has been a very familiar sight from so many of our Nollywood home videos and drama and I am sure every Nigerian must have been privy to the sight of seeing brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws and even mother-in-laws dragging a woman out of her matrimonial home after the death of her husband because somewhere in their ignorant and selfish minds, they think the woman can no longer lay claims to the properties, the most awry of the situation is when children are involved.

These things happen everyday and we overlook them as not just important, till recent times when people are beginning to stand up and demand for what is due them from marriage. But are people listening?
During the years and times of our mothers, we heard of the inhumane treatment meted out to our them, with or without the death of their husbands and they tell the stories as just one of those things, if only they knew.
I wouldn’t know how many women have been emancipated from this in-law meanness, but I do hope they are many. If not the violations would continue.

Law has provided for these rights, and they cover any couple who conducted their marriage at the registry.
Knowledge is a god, and I believe that it is a god that will save a lot of person’s from the unfairness of man to their fellow man. I believe there is should be a serious rave of sensitization that should be carried out to put an end to this anomaly.
Who should be sensitised?

·Wives should know that hence their marriage was sealed in the court registry, their marriage has been recognised by law and as such, they have become one and what was owned by one has been become the property of both and cannot be taken away from them at the demise of their husbands and vis-à-vis.

· Husbands should also be taught that what was the once the woman’s before they got married has now become theirs.

·Husbands should also be sensitised on the need to settle the matter with their families once and for all or even before they bring in a wife, although some in-laws are unnecessary evil sent straight from the pit of wickedness.

·The men should also do well to have a lawyer prepare a will though it may seem like are very young because death has taught us it doesn’t knock or inform us before visiting any home, and age doesn’t determine where death strikes.

·The in-laws should be sensitised on the partnership that begins when a man and a woman decide to come together as man and wife.

·The general public should also be sensitised so people would come to knowledge of this law. People should not blindly support a decayed traditional system borne out of selfishness and gross ignorance.

Should you know anyone facing difficulties with in-laws as it regards this matter, contact the NGO: Feminine Vocals, 41 Olu Obasanjo Road, Port Harcourt. Email: femininevocals17@gmail.com or call 08030658869, 08037654101

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