Women killing spouses over infidelity

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A FEW weeks ago, the Internet broke loose with the news of the death of the son of a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The death caused a whole lot of uproar not because death was a rare occurrence – his own wife, killed him, for infidelity, under the most unusual circumstances, and under setting where the reason for the killing could be dubbed “unexpected”. People appeared to be discovering how far an angry wife could be.

Yet another angry wife, for yet another case of infidelity, a couple of days after, stabbed yet another husband to death. Could the season of death for infidelity have descended on Nigeria? Could these stories that are seen in “foreign films,” while we thought all along that they were mere fiction?

Many other cases of death caused by infidelity have been recorded, but they didn’t make as much rounds as these ones and it is solely because it is as though more women are resorting to violence in other to vent their frustration over their disapproval of their husband’s way of life, and this is a very bad turn of events. Things should not get to a point where killing is considered an option.

The issue of men towing the path of infidelity is a national issue, if not an international one and shows grossly how many men have lost respect for the marriage covenant they made on their wedding day.
Marriage on its own is a good thing, but happenings and circumstances are beginning to make many people have double thoughts towards marriage. Is it worth all the trouble?

In as much as we often hear that the equation for marriage is 1+1=1, many who have towed the marriage path have actually take it literarily and have come to falsely believe they own the other spouses and as such, they can do anything they please with their spouses, good or bad.

Infidelity is one of the commonest abnormalities that accompany a dysfunctional marriage. Though it is bad, it DOES NOT in any way WARRANT DEATH.

I really find it quite disheartening to hear nonetheless that murder is the next best step that these wives (husbands) tend towards. The support this position gets may be a direct bearing on the extent of the anger that affected partners feel.

These two stories are a huge eye opener that there are things wrong with the home front. For every disease diagnosed, there are root causes and then there are symptoms. In the case of marriage in Nigeria, murder is the disease, infidelity is the root cause, disrespect and lack of discipline is the symptoms. And as we do in other areas, we often overlook the root cause, and symptoms and concentrate on the disease.

It is sad to note that many women are in marriages where their spouses are oozing infidelity and because the society expects them to accept him just how he is and overlook and his life like nothing happened, this puts these women in very tight positions and the unceasing frustration can lead to serious psychological imbalance, yet that is no excuse for MURDER.

I am a woman. I disapprove of infidelity, most importantly, and I disapprove of MURDER. I would not want to have anything to do with either or both of them.

If a woman is in a relationship or marriage with someone who is not faithful, she could opt out, divorce, separate or stay put and get her emotions in check if she desperately wants to remain married or a Mrs. Somebody.
There is no justification for murder and it should be discouraged.
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