You mean so much to me.

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My name is Theresa and I hail from Kwara state. My father was a lecturer in the university while my mother was a secondary school teacher. I grew up just like every other child from an average family and I graduated from the University of Ilorin when I was 25 years old. I was posted to Sokoto state for my NYSC and while there, I fell in love with one of the staff of UBA where I served.

His name is Ola and he seemed to be a very charming personality. He had that air of boldness and confidence around him, and his poise was breathtaking. He swept me off my feet right from the first day I resumed at UBA. And he offered to drive me around Sokoto to see how beautiful the state is.

I hadn’t had such a view of the ancient Islamic city before, and I felt that the place was quite exotic with its ancient history and evidence of Islamic aesthestics. Ola told me not to stay in the corper’s lodge as it was quite crowded, and helped me get accommodation in an elite part of the city. He paid for my apartment and I moved in, and we became lovers. Our days of beautiful romance were my happiest moments in life. I was on top of the world and really acted like a woman in love.

One evening, Ola took me to a hotel where we had dinner with dessert. He said that it would be fun spending the whole weekend in the hotel and asked me to spend it with him. I agreed and spent the weekend in the hotel with Ola. He seemed to have so much money to spend and I like guys who have money to spend. I really enjoyed the weekend with Ola in the hotel. We made love so many times and had so much to eat and drink that I wished our stay would never end.

The world seemed to stand still the moment Ola proposed to me. When he asked me if I would like to marry him, I said yes one million times. I kept on saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, until he started laughing and planted a kiss on my lips. Ola’s kiss was softer than butter and sweeter than honey and I cherished every moment we spent locked in the embrace of a kiss.

I married Ola and became the happiest woman on earth because I had married a rich guy. We had three daughters in three years, and after that my husband suddenly lost interest in my sexual appeal. Ola complained I was getting too fat and was no longer as attractive as I was when he married me. I told him that it was because the housework was too much for me and that I needed a house-girl to help me look after the children.

Ola contacted an agency which provides domestic servants, and within one month, we had a young, tall, busty and beautiful from Calabar. She was about 23years old and knew how to work. It was around this time that I got a job as a secretary in one company and I had to leave home very early in the morning and close late at night.

I don’t know how it happened, but in the sixth month of her stay, my housegirl got pregnant for my husband. I screamed and cried and asked her to pack her things and leave. But my husband refused, saying that the scan revealed that the housegirl was carrying a baby boy for him and that he was going to marry her as his second wife since I had only three daughters for him.

Now the housegirl has given birth to a boy and my husband has paid her dowry. He says that if I can’t tolerate her as his second wife, I’m free to pack out with my daughters. But I know that she cast a love spell or used a love potion on my husband. And I’m also going to use a love potion on him too to win back his love. We shall see whose love spell or potion is the strongest!

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