‘A young man gave me satisfaction for cash’

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My husband, Terry and I have been married for 13 years and we have three little boys aged 8, 10 and 12 years. We are by no means rich, but we are not poor either; we have just enough money to pay our bills, and also good savings at the bank.

Our three boys are happy and carefree, and Terry is a deeply caring, attentive husband and father. I know that I am a very, very lucky woman.

However, ever since our first boy was born twelve years ago, Terry gradually lost interest in making love. We have not made love regularly since the youngest was conceived over eight years ago.

It is not as if Terry has another woman or anything like that. He just isn’t interested in sex at all. It seems that our three boys are all Terry ever really wanted out of our marriage, and now his world is complete and he doesn’t want anything more.

He is such a wonderful father that for the sake of our boys I’d rather not rock the boat. Besides, I want to feel wanted and desired as a woman.

Simply telling Terry how I feel seems pointless if he’s not interested in making love anyway. I’m sure he just assumes that I am not interested in sex either and that everything’s just fine.

So about a year ago, I decided I needed to find a solution to the lack of sex in my marriage.

I wanted a simple, no-strings attached solution that wouldn’t risk my marriage or hurt and embarrass Terry and the boys in any way. We live in Lagos and walls have ears.. I didn’t want anybody to start spreading rumours about me and hurting my family.

During the Easter break, I convinced my husband to travel with the children to the village for the weekend and leave me at home in Lagos to attend to some businesses.

So when Terry my husband took the boys away to the village, I first thought of talking to one of the young men in our neighborhood. But I was scared of having a boyfriend so close to my husband’s house. So I decided to do my hair first and think of an alternative.

I was doing my hair at the local hairdressing salon when the hairdresser offered me a newspaper to glance through.

I was browsing through the link up pages of the newspaper when I spotted the advertisement of a muscular guy looking for a sugar mummy..

The advert said this guy needed a woman or sugar mummy for a “discreet relationship”. I quickly checked to see if anyone was looking. When I was certain no one was looking, I tore out the advertisement and slipped it into my purse.

That evening, I dialled the advertised number. A deep, sexy male voice answered. He was called Anthony. We arranged to meet at a nearby hotel. So I booked a room in the hotel and gave him the room number and said i would be there waiting for me.

I didn’t want anybody to see us together at the hotel lobby. I couldn’t afford to take any chances. That’s why I told him to come up straight to the room and meet me.

At the hotel, a tall, dark and muscular young man greeted me at the door. I was already feeling horny even before I opened the door for him, because it had been quite some time since I had been intimate with a man. Besides, the excitement from my expectation of him turned me on.

As soon as I opened the door, Anthony smiled into my eyes and hugged me. He was so handsome!

We chatted for some time because I wanted to know a few things about him before I could fully open up to him. When I was sure that he was quite a responsible person and not a criminal, I told him I wanted to take a shower first before we get down to business.

So Anthony gently took my hand and led me into the bathroom. He undressed me and bathed me by himself. It was so romantic watching this young man wash my body.

Even my husband had never given me a bath in all my years of marriage. I’ll never forget the rest of what happened that day! For one night only, I was a cherished and desirable woman.

After the show, I paid the young man a few thousands as expected of a good ‘sugar mummy’. I told him that whenever I needed his services, I would call on him. I warned him never to call me, especially when I was at home, to avoid my husband having knowledge of what I had done.

The young man respectfully and humbly agreed to abide by my instructions and since then, our relationship has truly been discreet.

When I first married Terry, I never thought I would be the kind of wife who would pay to have sex with a man, especially a man so much younger than me. But I do know that I am more content and a better wife and mother because of that one special night when that young man gave me real sexual satisfaction for the money.

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