9mobile introduces new corporate roaming bundles

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As part of its corporate strategy to empower customers with innovative services that deliver real value at bargain prices, 9mobile, Nigeria’s most innovative telecommunications company, has introduced new Corporate Roaming Bundles specifically developed for its enterprise customers.

The roaming bundles, which comprise the Social Corporate Bundle, Basic Corporate Bundle, Premium Corporate Bundle and Executive Corporate Bundle, are uniquely designed to allow users maintain instant communication with colleagues, family and friends when they roam and at very affordable rates.

Speaking on the new bundles, Director, Enterprise Segment, 9mobile, Plato Syrimis, stated that the new Corporate Roaming Bundles were designed after adopting valuable customer feedback. It therefore addresses their pain points and issues with respect to what they typically experience when they communicate with colleagues and loved ones when out of the country.

Syrimis said, “9mobile pays very serious attention to customer feedback. We act on them and develop solutions, products and services in response to the needs of our customers. For example, our Social Corporate Bundle, priced at N2, 500/weekly allows customers to chat on social media sites and access their email in the top 30 travel destinations across the globe. Our Premium Corporate roaming bundles, priced at N17, 500/monthly offers 500MB of data and calls at N100/min within the top 30 travel destinations as well as for calls back to Nigeria.

“These new bundles remove the uncertainty that surrounds roaming experience as customers now have the option to choose the services they desire, the price they would like to pay and then dial *6589# to subscribe to their preferred bundle effortlessly and all from their mobile phones.

Dialing *6589# unlocks the roaming services available to the customer and the code works both within and outside the country. Customers can also check their bundle balance and view a list of eligible countries when they text ‘List’ to ‘6589’.” The roaming bundles can be used for voice and data roaming on selected networks in the United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands, Ghana, Spain, Turkey, China, Kenya,

Israel, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Qatar, France, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal, Mali, Morocco, Guinea, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Italy.