My affair with Anita Joseph-Charles Okocha

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Nollywood bad boy, Charles Okocha aka Igwe Tupac has sensationally denied having anything romantic to do with Nollywood sex bomb, Anita Joseph despite a suggestive photo shoot and a twerk video where the actor urges the actress to shake what her mama gave her vigorously which has gone viral.

“I am not dating Anita Joseph,” Igwe Tupac as he is popularly known in the industry said. “We are just friends. We are not having an affair. We have been close for 12 years now. As a matter of fact, she is dating my very close friend, Mac Morrison who used to be an actor but is based in America now.”

So what inspired the photo shoot and twerk video? “ It was just a movie we did together. She played my girlfriend in the movie and that was all. Beyond that we are just friends.”

Openeing up on the movie, Igwe Tupac continued: “The working title of the movie is Don Jay and I am Don Jay; I play lead. ChiwetelAgwu is involved, Anita Joseph among a host of others are also involved. I read the script and I was like wow! I have to do this movie.”

Could he date Anita Joseph? “Why not? Anita is endowed; she has a body any man will die for. She is a complete woman. As an actress she is good and doing her thing. She has been there over time.”


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