After Peter and Paul Okoye re-embrace, what next for P-Square?

After five years of feuding, verbal attacks and shadings, Peter and his twin brother Paul have finally agreed to bury the hatchet and embrace each other in reconciliation which, Wednesday and Thursday, this week, threw Nigeria’s entertainment scene into wild jubilation.

Peter and brother Paul Okoye, celebrating 40th birthday, Thursday

The cheers almost threatened to drown David Adeleke (Davido)’s feat-breaking mock challenge that raised over N131 million in under 12 hours of launching a WEMA bank account to appeal for cash to clear his Rolls Royce stuck at the ports.

Peter and Paul Okoye have feuded for five years indeed; a feud which went full blown immediately after the brothers had buried their late mother.

The matriarch of the family who had apparently kept them from going gong-ho into open battle against one another, died leaving behind the three sons; Jude, Peter and Paul to sort themselves out.

With older brother Jude pitching his tent firmly with the younger Paul, the tussle over who controlled the family and music duo, P-Square’s wealth saw Peter finding comfort in his wife, as family lawyer, Festus Keyamo SAN fought to keep cool heads during the Will reading.

At last, all that has become history, as Peter and Paul finally shared an embrace to settle their beef, in the same manner that rap music icons, American Kanye West and Canadian, Drake openly settled their years-long quarrel.

The twin brothers became enemies after their fallout in 2016 over internal matters within the P-square band. In 2017, a temporary reconciliation between the two led to the release of their hit song, ‘Bank alert’. But that reunion did not last, as allegation after allegation led them back to the trenches.

It all re-started this November, when both started following each other on Instagram. And then on November 17, Paul’s message to Peter and his wife, Lola, on their 8th wedding anniversary today, gave hint of reunion.

However, a new video online on Thursday, showing Peter on a surprise visit to Paul at his Banana Island home in Lagos was all the confirmation needed.

The twins in the trending video embraced each other deeply to the joy of everyone present.

Paul shared a photo of himself together with Peter with caption, ‘Happy special birthday to us cc @peterpsquare‘

While Peter on the other hand also shared the same picture with caption; “It’s our Birthday!Cc @iamkingrudy”

And they both went on to shower praises on each other. Same Thursday, Paul took to Instagram page congratulating Peter and his wife on their anniversary.

It didn’t end there as Peter on Thursday night shared a video of him with his brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye dining and laughing together in his home.

The occasion, it was their birthday. The twins Peter and Paul Okoye celebrated their birthday, Thursday, for the first time together in five years. They had turned 40 years. Peter and Paul Okoye were born on November 18, 1981.

It was a perfect occasion for reunion too.

However, the question now on many lips, is what happens with P-Square, the one-tie rave of the music scene on the entire continent of Africa.

Splitting P-Square’s assets between Peter and Paul, was one Keyamo’s most difficult assignment as a lawyer. Aside the physical fighting which engulfed the room as Jude aligned with Paul to throw punts at Peter, there was also near distancing from music by Peter.

After the split, Peter briefly produced songs under the stage name of Mr. P, while his younger twin, Paul went by the tag, Rudeboy as also briefly produced by Jude, who is also known as Engees.

Both Rudeboy and Mr. P made near hits, in relative terms, of course, when considering the scale P-Square was on.

Will Peter and Paul resurrect P-Square, following their reconciliation, or will they allow it rest forever?

While Mr. P showed skills in the area of acting, where he may consider retiring to as an alternative, Paul’s solo music career took a few hiccups before full launching, but then again, in relative terms.

The truth was, however, established-Peter and Paul were better together. This is what P-Square needed. This is what their fans have missed. But will they return to the recording studio together after all the celebrations still trailing the reconciliation? Time will tell.

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