After The Killing Comes Laughter

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By Ikeddy Isiguzo

Something is terribly wrong when some who insist on calling themselves leaders delight in laughing at Nigeria, mocking Nigerians.

How can people, who claim slices of Ndigbo leadership, feel nothing (seems they have been numb for long), be in roaring laughter, scramble for photo opportunities, after security people on the orders of President Muhammadu Buhari slew our youth in Asaba, Onitsha, Nkpor?

The same Buhari is attracting them as ants to sugar? Some of our people taken from a church, others killed on the streets, some removed from their hospital beds where they were being treated for gun shots. Some remain unaccounted for and our leaders are celebrating while the body count continues.

Even if our people were not being killed, what about Nigeria today elicits this high voltage celebratory reaction?

Was it not possible to postpone this revelry? How could anything beneficial to Ndigbo be discussed in this gathering?

We saw this laughing gas like scene after our people were slaughtered in Nimbo, Enugu State. We are seeing it again after Asaba, Onitsha, Nkpor. Are the killings no longer enough? Must they be celebrated like in 1966? Could this be what they consider a befitting memorial to 1966?

We are not laughing. We are not mourning either. We are saddened by serial incidents that remind us that 1966 is just 50 short years away.

Thanks for a memorable golden jubilee of a pogrom that most of the world watched askance.

We know who we are. We know those who are Ndigbo by name, only they could have the temerity of a public presidential jubilation at the expense of Ndigbo.
The joke is really on the jokers who in the race to belong have forgotten their war wounds.

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