Anambra 2021: Youths vow to wrestle PDP ticket from billionaires

[By Theo Rays]

Some youths have vowed to wrestle the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the billionaires crawling in the party, ahead of the 2021 governorship election in Anambra State.

The youths, under the aegies of Zeribe Ezeanuna Campaign Organization (ZECO), told journalists in a press conference  addressed in Onitsha that it is their turn to produce the next governor of Anambra because the older people have taken much of their turn and as a result of that scenario, they have chosen Ezeanuna as their choice in the PDP.

The Director of Information and Legal Matters in the campaign organization, Jezie Ekejiuba said that they will reach out to relevant stakeholders in PDP and Anambra to convince them that it is time to give the youths a chance to produce a governor in Anambra.

They noted that Ezeanuna, a Computer Engineering graduate, who trained in the United States and currently is the Chaiman/CEO Travelers Group of Companies, is capable of being the governor of Anambra. 

According to Ekejiuba, “the youths have been kept on the  bench in Anambra since the return of democracy in 1999.

“There has not been an opportunity for us to serve even as ward councillors in the local government areas because there is no local government election and there are no appointments coming our way from the local government and the state.

We are therefore saying that enough is enough and that is why we have decided to field and support one of us in the race.”

The lawyer said that they are not afraid of the billionaire-aspirants in PDP because according to him, election is a matter of the choice of eligible voters who determine the winner and the loser with their votes. 

He insisted that it is not money that win elections and that no amount of money can make anyone win in an election if the people refuse to give you their votes at the polling booths. 

Ekejiuba said, “we equally have billionaire parents and would convince them to invest in politics as a way of finding means for us to gain opportunity to serve in government.”

Assuring that ZECO will mobilize funds to do the necessary things for Ezeanuna to prosecute the election project, he advised both leaders and stakeholders of the PDP as well as the members mostly those who will serve as delegates during the primary election to avoid being enticed and hypnotized with material things. He advised that working as a councillor was more honorable than one selling his vote for N5,000. 

Ezeanuna told journalists that democracy requires more refined people like him to thrive, echoing that it is regrettable that a more refined person like the late second republic vice president, Dr. Alex Ekwueme was not given the opportunity to midwife democracy in Nigeria. 

He explained that the PDP because the party remains the last hope for a better Anambra. 

The governorship aspirant said that if elected to govern Anambra, he will move democracy to the people and  allow civil servants, town unions and  traditional rulers to be members of  political parties of their choice as it is obtained in the United States.

He  added that it is wrong and undemocratic to cage the civil servants, town unions and traditional rulers out of party politics thereby denying them their right to be part of the political process. 

He disclosed that he will adopt the American system of leadership by investing hugely on technology as work towards bringing out the best of the Anambra person.  

He repeatedly, assured that he will fully return democracy to the people and enhance human capital development as well as execute laudable projects that will guarantee the desired progress of Anambra by setting out new commissions to ensure that both the government and the people enjoy an menabling ground to unleash their potentials to the fullest best.

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