Bayelsa College of Health Technology: Unions, Students flay false, report hail Acting Provost on achievements


The Bayelsa State College of Health Technology (BYCOTECH) branch of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics and the Institution’s Student Union Government (SUG) have condemned recent social media publications credited to one Dr. Perekeme Oyinkuro alleging that the College is facing deficiencies and academic imbalance.

In a statement issued in Yenagoa, the Academic Staff Union of the College describe the suspectedly sponsored statement by Oyinkuro on as spurious, misleading,false and one aimed at throwing the hard-earned credibility and image of the college to the winds.


The statement signed on behalf of the union by its chairman, Arogo Idiaridi Nathaniel and Secretary, Suama Promise said the Bayelsa State College of Health Technology has enjoyed unprecedented peace, academic growth, improved manpower and accreditation of Diploma and Higher National Diploma programmes without any threat for de-accreditation of programmes as falsely claimed on the social media by the untraceable Oyinkuro.

“The College’s programmes are accredited by various professional regulatory bodies/Councils responsible for their accreditation, and they have the required manpower and resources for accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

“Currently, some of the programmes, especially those awarding National Diploma and Higher National Diploma are being accredited by NBTE .

“Therefore,there are no issues that will lead to de-accreditation of already accredited Programmes”,the Academic Staff Union posited.

The statement accused Oyinkuro of being inept of the programmes and activities of the College, maintaining that promotions in the College are carried out in accordance with the College’s Condition and Scheme of Service,adding that “No staff promotes himself, neither has there been any form of maladministration that warrant staff reaction against management.

The academic staff union in that statement therefore called on the general public to disregard the cheap popularity that Perekeme wishes to earn through the propagation of fake,false and misleading alarms raised on some social media platforms.

The union also warned agents, cronies and social media handlers who are in partnership with or are used by the Perekeme (if at all he exists) and his likes to always cross-check their facts to avoid unpleasant actions.

In a related development,in its statement,the Students Union Government (SUG) of the College describe Perekeme’s publication as a figment of his imagination, and called on the public not to allow themselves to be misled by mischief makers.

“Ordinarily we wouldn’t have bothered with the write-up but partly perceived strongly that a silence to it may see it as truth and factious, and on a second note, as if the College is facing anarchy.

“Therefore,we are obliged to say that there is NO TENSION in Bayelsa State College of Health Technology, Otuogidi,Ogbia Town.

“In fact,it is on record that since the assumption of the current Acting Provost of the College, the College has experienced unprecedented managerial competence which had brought improved light and water supply,some hostels being renovated,new academic hall built,etc.These are verifiable projects.

“It is not surprising of the said author (Perekeme Oyinkuro) that a reliable source revealed to him, implying that he is neither a staff nor a student, he must be a stranger who had just been hired to bring the College to disrepute.We advice the public to discountenance his claims.

“We are not here to join issues with the writer but for public consumption,it is worthy to inform that the College Management had put in place academic discipline, restoration of probation for screening exercises,no more sex-for-grade, female students are protected,zero tolerance for cultism and anti-social vices.

“We enjoy relative peace on campus.We just conducted Student Union Government election without managerial interference “,the statement said in part.

The SUG in that statement signed by its president, Emmanuel Faith Tamaraebibo and General Secretary,Comrade Nathan Mondiafiri reiterated that ,”There is NO TENSION in Bayelsa State College of Health Technology, Otuogidi, Ogbia Town,and called on those who want to make their fortunes and earn public sympathy through spreading false rumours to look elsewhere, concluding that the union is committed to work with what it describe as the focused management under the leadership of the Acting Provost to lift Bayelsa State College of Health Technology to greater heights.


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